New Spreecast with Sarah Crow: The Walking Dead Returns.

Oh Maggie I think I've got something to say to you.

AMC's The Walking Dead returned for season 3 this past Sunday, and after the fun we had with recapping Breaking Bad, journalista Sarah Crow graciously decided to have me back on her Spreecast Channel to discuss all the gore and awesome and Carl and Maggie and shambling and moaning and machete battles of the season premiere. It was an absolutely blast, and some of the feedback I've gotten from friends and through Sarah make me think it went really well. So head over to her channel and check it out, as we talk pregnancy and morality post-apocalypse and I embarrassingly forget [spoilers] the late Dale's name.

Oh, and I call out Chris Hardwick, of AMC's Talking Dead. Yup.

The big news [for me] is that this television season, I will be joining Sarah weekly on Spreecast to cover not one but two different horror series, both not coincidentally starting this October - the aforementioned Walking Dead, and the second go-round of FX's possibly-LSD-induced weirdness "American Horror Story: Asylum." Which means twice a week you'll be able to join us in talking about gross-out moments, scary stuff, and story structure on cable television.

The Asylum recap is TBA [right now, Thursday at 10:00 PM east], but for all my fellow zombie lovers, you'll be able to catch Sarah and I LIVE every Monday at 1:00 PM EAST for a complete interactive experience, and join in our discussion too. And if you miss the show as it happens, they're immediately archived on Sarah's page.

I want to thank Sarah for continuing to bring me on her show. Please, please go check out her work on her website, her other Spreecasts, and follow her on Twitter @sarahgcrow.

I'd also like to give a special shout out to, an awesome local horror blog who has given the show a little promotion around these parts. Thanks, guys!

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