Stumping for HUGE.

Just a pleasant reminder.

My friend Savannah's TV show, "Huge," comes on tonight at 9 o'clock eastern time, and as the summer season is coming to its end, it would be really great if everyone would tune in to help gets the ratings up and let the show catch a second season [and hey, I know I don't have a ton of readers, so please, tell your friends and family to do the same]. The whole experience has meant the world to Savannah, and she's really invested in this show -- so I guess this particularly goes out to all you storytellers out there who occasionally read the blog -- imagine if you didn't get the chance to finish, or even really get started, a story you really, really loved.

Something to think about. And we're all in this together.

And if you like it, hit the official "Huge" website, and watch some of the episodes from earlier in the season, or watch the show on Hulu. As shocking as this sounds coming from me, it's best if you watch the show some place nice, and legal, where the network can track the views. If you have cable with OnDemand, that works pretty well too.

Savannah, pictured above in front of the official ABC Family "Huge" bus with her mom Winnie Holzman [of "My So-Called Life" and "Wicked" fame] and her dad Paul "No Seconds!" Dooley, is the writer and producer of HUGE, a TV show adapted from the book by Sasha Paley. The show's about a bunch of teens enrolled at a Wellness Camp, more colloquially but less sensitively called "fat camp," and their trials and tribulations while dealing with subjects like social acceptance, sexuality, and body image -- of course, they're teens, so they've also got all these aspirations, hormones, and angst mixed in too. The show stars Nikki Blonsky, Haley Hasslehoff, and Gina Torres, with regular appearances by Savannah's dad, and a lot of really talented actors and actresses who I'm looking forward to seeing more of in the future. Hopefully, on new episodes of "Huge."

Catch the "Huge" summer finale tonight at 9/8 central on ABC Family.

Oh, and for kicks, here is a picture of the bulk of our Bennington crew from wa-a-a-ay back freshman year, at the "Sad Birthday Party." Savannah's there giving the metal sign to the right of me, between Hannah and Allison [bright burgundy hair]. God, we look young.

Special thanks to Ian, for hooking me up with this big version of the photo.

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  1. Christ, that photo IS old. We're old. We're not, but doesn't it feel that way?

  2. I know I do. I got in an argument with someone the other day who tried telling me I'd graduated a year earlier than I actually had. That year was damn important to me.