Writing for Crying Children IV [Guest Comic]

CheriAnn and Ian have used another of my scripts over at "Pictures of Crying Children," meaning they have about four left, unless my math and memory is painfully wrong. And while I've no idea if they've any plans to use those leftovers, I'm really pleased with how this one turned out, especially since it's a little more slap-stick, and a little more straight forward than the stuff I usually write.

The funny thing is, if you look at some of my earlier stuff, some of the mini-Sulks I wrote at Bennington, and some of the other short comics, a lot of them had this formula, the long, explanatory dialogue with someone getting hurt by the last panel [my and Sam's first comic ended with a punch, I wrote another with a dude getting his hair yanked out, etc]. For some reason none of those [save the first] ever got produced as real comics, and I just hadn't written anything like them in awhile -- but at PCC, causing Nixon pain is always a good time, so we have me coming home in some ways, revisiting new territory in others [as is the case when you're so early on that you're not exactly sure what your "style" is].

Head over there and read the full comic. I'm really happy with what they did with my script, and think it's a pretty good laugh to be had on this all-too-warm Friday. And most definitely flip back through a couple of comics if you're behind on your PCC reading, because not only have they been using the scripts I've sent them, but one of them -- one that might have to do with Emilio's Hot Box Thrust -- wound up turning in to something like a storyline for them. I was flattered to see they got so much mileage out of one of the few pieces of 80s minutia I had in me, with the result being exactly what you hope for when you collaborate with someone new, but rarely expect -- inspiring someone.

That got a little too close to patting myself on the back, when CheriAnn and Ian are the stars here, and I encourage everyone to head over and check out the new comic. And with their impending nuptials, I know they're looking for guest work to fill in the time when they'll be doing... whatever it is newlyweds do [...scrabble?], so any artists or writers looking to step in and join the ranks of yours truly on being a small part of their comics, this is your chance.

And thanks to them again, for giving me the opportunity to write a little for them. Good times.

Just to mix things up, I figured I'd include my usual Twitter links in the post proper today. Give you a good idea just part of what we offer here at the Mojo Wire, in case you don't frequent Twitter or look to the right hand side of this page very often.

Glen Brogan gets psyched for the new Scott Pilgrim movie in a way that, quite frankly, puts the rest of us getting psyched for the new Scott Pilgrim movie to shame.

John Wiswell is harassing giants in today's Bathroom Monologue.

Finally, Sarah Crow does the post-April Fools gossip roundup, and we all have another reason to be interested in Anna Paquin.

Keep watching this space, and Twitter, for more links and updates.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, and nice job with the comic.

    And I agree, it's getting too hot already.