New Calamity Cash sketches.

Justin has a new preview from the comic [re: Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name] up over on his blog, though I will admit without asking him, I have no idea what this bit of panel is from.

At this point in the game, Justin's been getting pretty creative with the layouts [for the better], and improving on the rougher stuff I had down in the script. Remembering also that this is from the part of the comic I did a massive re-write on, and it might explain help explain why I can't immediately call to mind some anecdote about this particularly part of the book.

Also, I am quite fried. Cramming this post into one of the few "I'm sitting down, lets look on the internet" moments. I had some [rare] free time the other day, and Justin and I got together, and talked at length about how important it is to have a moment to just unwind -- to sit in front of a computer and idly surf, to watch something brainless yet engaging on TV, to have a private drink alone, or tinker with something that doesn't have a deadline behind it or is, you know, just for fun. Some people need more or less of this, with yours truly preferring more, and not getting it lately. The more pressing things I'm up to have kept me from this, and I've done my best to squeeze little things in to try and keep me from getting overwhelmed, and keep my mind sharp and productive.

I've been trying to section off an hour or so every night to talk to a friend on the phone, and occasionally even pushed myself to stay up a little later than usual [quite a feat, considering the hours I keep], to watch a movie or catch an episode of... In Plain Sight, or Skins. Or whatever. And if I can push something back, move something around a little to actually get out of the house, I've been trying to do that too.

Though that is a very different kind of thing.

Anyway. Better handle on my schedule, things should be slowing down a little around next Friday.

We'll see.

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  1. I completely agree in that most of us forget to take that must-needed relaxation time, and then fall victim to that arch-nemesis Stress. She is the beast that must be slain.

  2. Little is more stressful than slaying. Thanks for the thoughts, though. Down time shouldn't be a dirty word.