Taking a short break.

So it's been about a week between posts, which normally I'd say is odd for me. But in all fairness, it hasn't been that long since it last happened [I was bemoaning the very same thing the week before the 24th], and looking at my schedule for the next couple of weeks I think I may be better off just cutting my losses and taking a bit of a break.

The big reason is that the majority of my time this week is going towards probating Dad's estate. It's not an unmanageable job, but my attention span is notoriously short when it comes to paperwork, and there are loads of people to be called and things to be set in order, and I've opted to try and get it all set up and ready by the 22nd -- which isn't necessary, but would really speed up the process. And as jammed up as everything has been so far, for the family's sake, for my sake, getting all this finished would just be... better, I think. It's hard, sitting with all these papers, these balances, and titles, what a person owned, and somehow think "Ah, yes. This is what a person is. Or at least was." Which is obviously nonsense, but it's upsetting nonsense, and as much as I'd like to go on and on about it, this is not the place.

So there's that. There are other, happier things. I've taken on a small freelance job with an old employer, doing some copy work on a website, with hope that if it goes well, more work will follow. I've been keen to build up something of a portfolio, and a little bit of income wouldn't be the worst thing either, so this, along with the generous pay for a rather small job, is a pretty good thing, and something that is going to demand a little extra attention from me until I get into a groove with it. Hence the other reason for this short hiatus, as I probably won't be starting anything new creatively until I'm sure I can balance it with this new thing.

I'm also pursuing a few similar jobs, sort of freelance-ish stuff, which I'm not sure if I'm going to be getting or not, and again, won't be anything ground-breaking. Just getting paid for putting words on the page, which is the dream, right?

I won't rule out, contracts willing, posting some things about any of this work here. I'm not saying all blogging is going to stop over the next couple weeks, but I do have a hunch there will be less. Justin has been understandably busy with his life lately, which has been slowing down comic output, and even though the good folks over at PCC have a few of my scripts left, with their impending nuptials I will be surprised if any of those pop up soon. If in either case new work pops up, I'll naturally take the time to post about it here -- because I will never be so busy as to not have time to pimp the things the folks I work with do. And I have a couple of posts planned already for when I come back [re: Things That May Never See the Light of Day], as I'd like to do a few things like my Chasing Amy blog, or even some stuff about writing dialogue, or at the very least just writing better dialogue.

In the meantime, I will continue to do my daily links over on Twitter, the last five of which will always be visible here for you non-Twitter folks on the right side of the page. This will include the usual things, and come tomorrow, I hear tell the usual suspects of John, Jaime, Zoe, Sarah, Glen, Hannah, Ian, and Jess [among others] will be joined by internet-friend/misery-brother Eric M. Esquivel's [re: Modern Mythology Press] new column over on Bleeding Cool.

It's new, and it starts tomorrow, so go show him some love. Just about any of us who want to write comics would love to write about comics, and he deserves the support.

And with any luck, I won't be gone for long. I can't imagine I will be -- on some level, so much of my productivity in the past year or so seems tied to having this space, so giving it up is not in the cards.

Be back soon.

3 comments :: Taking a short break.

  1. Good luck on the upcoming work, both the wanted stuff and the not so wanted stuff.

  2. Ditto what Glen said. And thanks for continued name-dropping.

    Ian's been getting some swells of creativity lately and he's been coming up with some pretty fun stuff. We're pretty stoked about this Friday's post.

  3. Glen - Thanks. I've been pretty "in it" for awhile, hoping for something in the way of a break soon.

    CheriAnn - Appreciate that too. And hey, I'm glad Ian's on his game, it's your guy's show. I'm always happy to promote for you guys, I just wish I had more people to promote to.