And we're back.

I actually would have been back sooner, but my grandmother went into the hospital at the end of last week, and that took precedence over almost everything. It wasn't anything too serious , and she's thankfully back home now [they released her this morning], but whenever a trip to the hospital is involved it's hard not to get worried. There's also a weird sort of etiquette in my family when someone's in the hospital, which this really isn't the time or place to get into, but makes this whole thing a little more stressful. But it's over now, and she's settling in well, and feeling better, and just glad to be back home. A few changes might have to be made in the way we've been eating around the house, but I guess it won't hurt anyone to be a little healthier.

And to anyone who checked in or asked, I appreciate it.

On to business. While I was away, Justin filled out that panel we both previewed. The finished panel can be seen over on his website, and by the time this posts I'll be back in touch with him and probably know better where the comic is. He's been moving, or at the very least working on the place he's getting ready to move to, so I haven't heard much about the comic. He's a busy man.

And I'll admit, I'm starting to know what that feels like. The past couple of weeks have been as manic as I expected, with probating Dad's estate being at the top of the list of things to get done. It's not finished and out of the way completely, but everything is filed and now we play the waiting game, to see who is going to make a claim, and what from his estate I'm going to have to sell to cover that. I also need to start work on a small insurance claim, though admittedly I just got the proper paper work out for it and am not entirely sure what my next step should be. Plan currently is that if they don't call me, I'll call them.

It also looks like both jobs I spoke about in this post are going to work out. The first starts this Friday with my old boss Terry Lively [who I worked on "Crossings" with], and is just some copy work for a website she's doing for a local business. I've been brought in mostly to give it a... warm feeling, and just make sure that what goes on the website reflects the wishes and personalities of those involved in the business. Also, spell-check. And though I haven't seen a contract yet, I'll probably talk about it/link the finished product on here, unless for some reason I'm just sworn to secrecy [I really can't imagine why I would be for something like this though]. The hope is, if the work goes well, this could turn into a semi-regular freelance gig for me, and it'll be something else to add to my portfolio.

The other job I mentioned has also started, though I'm still in the early stages and probably shouldn't get too excited until all the paper work clears. It's a pretty straight-forward work-for-hire review writing job, and while I would love nothing better than to post about it here [trust me, I already want to], I'm just not allowed. Sorry. On the upside, it's pretty flexible hours-wise which means it'll fit into my schedule well, and while I won't be making big bucks [it is freelance work, after all], it could easily turn into regular, steady income. Hard to say how much at this juncture, but we'll see.

Now, on to this space, and creative projects. I think even though what I'm doing is a far cry from the kind of writing for money that I'd like to do, until I figure out how to insert these new jobs into my routine, I don't know what in the way of creative work I'm going to be taking on. I will say that in-between meetings over the past couple of weeks I've been turning "Trendsetter" over in my head again and had some movement there, and I've promised Kyle and the Brainwrap crew that I might turn out some work on a project that's their current focus. So it's in my plans to do something creative next [and soon], I'm just not entirely sure what -- especially with the later stages of probate, and these new jobs, and a few other personal things going.

That said, I've hated that when I stop doing the creative writing, the work on comic scripts, or movie scripts, or anything like that, that I suddenly stop posting here. I think I'm going to work on that, and you might be seeing some slightly different sort of things on the Mojo Wire in the near future, things meant to keep me writing for myself, and not just for others. It'll take a little time, but I don't want to neglect this space, since it does seem to help keep me going. And I'm starting to realize that, out like I am, no longer in the boondocks but not exactly in a real social, happening place, this blog does help me feel a little more connected. Which I think was one of the reasons I started it in the first place.

Loneliness fucks with everything.

So, different things are coming. Even I'm not sure what's next. Probably more journal-like stuff is going to crop up, probably more me-centric stuff, which if that isn't your thing, I apologize, and am slightly confused as to why you're still reading now. And maybe some reviews too -- I really need to do some more of those, even unsolicited, something I realized while trying to put writing samples together for the aforementioned new job. I keep talking about it, but I really, really should have a portfolio.

It's on the list.

I'm back. That was the point of all this. Easy to fall off once you get out of the habit. Here's to not doing that. Cheers.

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