"Nova," 4th Draft [Well...more like 3.5]

Download new "Nova" here [Link removed -- sorry, if you'd like to see "Nova" email me at mojo.wire.productions@gmail.com].

As I said in an earlier post, it wasn't my intention to post this draft of the script -- really, all that's changed are a couple of lines of dialogue, and few typos and brainos [as John would say]. I also didn't expect there to be too many more downloads of it, but the past couple of days have proven me very wrong, and I find myself unable to entertain thoughts of people seeing my careless mistakes.

So, if you've read the third draft, there's absolutely no reason to download this. If you haven't read it yet, the link at the beginning of this post is the one you want.

Appreciate everyone who's taken a look so far.

Staying relatively busy with the extra family that's been here, and using any spare time to catch up on e-mail, or things I said I'd read for people. I may have some interesting news in a couple of days.

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