Looking for a Costume Designer.

Another sleepless night, made only manageable by the few hours I was able to get the evening before.

There was actually a very small window where I know I could have slept peacefully for the rest of the night, but as I was setting the power settings on my computer screen to go off [leaving the machine on to run some downloads], I noticed that for some reason my battery was holding at 64%. Watched it for a minute with no change, then ran a few tests myself, and knew I had to make the call.

Still, sleep's been intermittent at best lately, so I knew if I actually dosed off I could wind up out for 16+ or something equally crazy, and then lose a day in getting whatever the problem was fixed. So I dialed Dell's tech support [24 hours a day], catching Dell Support Canada [India], and then getting transferred to Dell Support Continental United States [India]. Long story short, it could be as simple as my A/C being out, but just in case, Dell's sending me a new motherboard.

Kind of funny when you think about what happened to my last computer. Glad for my current warranty.

Lot of work's gotten done over the past couple of days [re: Nova]. I did up character sheets and One Liner/Synopsis/Story Summary for Nova, while Kyle finished off the storyboards and started mapping out the scenes/shots. Magic number 109.

I also finished up a new draft of the script, with a few minor tweaks throughout, and a considerably re-arranged ending, as discussed in the previous post. I actually find myself with some mixed feelings on these changes, but have decided to sit on them a bit, maybe have a few people take a look before I decide what's next. I expect there will be at least one more draft, if not a couple more. I have a rule of no more than nine, because for one this isn't "Ulysses," and for two, there's a lot of lessons a young screenwriter can take away from "Last Action Hero."

But I've already cheated, as the draft I was toying with last night got labeled "5.1."

Early snag, Kyle and I are looking for a Costume Designer for the film. Specifically, someone with experience and/or an education in the field, who is willing to work free and on a relatively small budget [edit: Also, local, or willing to cover your own travel expenses]. Most of the costuming would be pretty standard, but we'd like something kind of hip for the angel [while still fitting, functional, and relevant], though there would probably be a little room for some flourishes here or there. Inexpensive flourishes, but flourishes nonetheless.

If you're reading this, and think someone might be interested in the job, message me on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail me at mojo.wire.productions@gmail.com. I actually have a few leads on people to call, but nothing concrete, and nothing I'm 100% sure is going to work out. So I encourage anyone even remotely interested in working with us to contact me.

I finished "Welcome to the N.H.K." this morning. Brilliant, beautiful show. Can't thank those fans who went to the trouble of subbing it enough.

My plan after finishing the "Nova" screenplay is to take another crack at "The Familiar." Might go into more detail as to way later on, but there's been some movement there.

Ending this post with my current tag line idea for Nova. Let me know what you think.

[it's time to let go.]

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  1. Find Tiffany! Or Rebecca. Their work was amazing and they managed it all on a college student budget. You can also try Jessie, she did a pretty awesome fashion show last year and she might be into the challenge.

  2. Appreciate the suggestions, kiddo, but we're looking for local. We don't want to have to cover anyone's travel. I'll have to specify that better though.

  3. RE: The tagline:

    I dig.