Friends of the Family

I realize I promised updates as far as it concerned the work Kyle and I were doing on "Nova" this week, but internet access was spotty, and the two of us stayed pretty busy. More updates wound up going to my Twitter page [which was shockingly reliable, actually], and after I gather those up, along with my paper notes, I plan on making a big post about it either late tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Twitter proved to be useful enough that I think I'm going to integrate it into this page, though I haven't exactly decided how yet. There are certainly a lot of options as to how I could go about it, and I'll be looking into them over the next several days. Mind any layout changes in the meantime, of course. Nothing's permanent.

My friend Zoe has also joined us here on blogspot, leaving behind her livejournal of several years and starting AnachroLush, her own little of Neo Retro soapbox. She's just getting started, but I encourage everyone to go and see what she's doing, as we've talked at length about what we both hope to get out of blogging, and I consider her site a sort of kindred spirit of the Mojo Wire. Naturally, as a graphic artist, her website is already quite a bit more attractive than mine, despite the Wire having almost a year on the Lush.

Speaking of kindred spirits, Ian recently linked this blog in one of his own entries, and I thought I might give his [Re: A Wave of the Hand] some of the same attention. Like me, Ian is kind of self-conscious about what to use his own little section of the internet for, and I think his most recent posting is not all that much different from something you might see on this page. He's currently in Japan, and often shares humorous anecdotes or classy travelogues from his time there too, all while skating the very thin ice of an AEON gag order.

Finally, in return for name dropping me in one of his articles a few months back, and just because his micro-fiction blog is always worth a look, I recommend checking out John's Bathroom Monologues. You may notice I link these often -- and that's because they're that damn good, and if you're not reading them, you're missing out. John's also always good about taking a look at my work, and has logged some serious time talking with me about Nova. While he's not the only one, I'm sure he's had the most headache with it, and this is really the least I can do.

Be posting about "Nova" soon, assuming I don't crash.


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