Still at it.

Short post. Not a lot to report.

Recently gotten my hands on a certain well-known and oft-used screenwriting program. At first I thought it might hinder me, having to learn something new, but I've actually found it kind of helpful. All the bullshit involved in doing a script in a program like Word -- formatting, margins, changing the text size, keeping proper page numbers, and so much repetition... well, honestly, I never realized how difficult it made writing. With a good chunk of the "chore" gone, I've found I can sit down with the program and just type out little scenes about whatever really easily. And more things seem worth keeping too.

It makes it a lot easier to just do little exercises, or toy with a side project or idea without committing like I would with a "real" project. There's no guilt of exhausting myself on something stupid with all the repeated "INT"s and "EXT"s, and Beats.

Did this last night [Link removed -- sorry, if you'd like to see "Nova" email me at]. Feel free to tell me what you think. Currently working on using watermarks in .pdf files. It's slightly more complicated than I expected though, but I don't think I'll be too disappointed if someone steals this, of all things.

"Nova," like "The Infamous Dan Cody," was largely inspired by the work of Bucky Sinister. Ironically, Bucky posted this earlier today, while I was midway through the work. It's a beautiful poem by the late George Tirado called "Angels." I hope everyone else likes the poem as much as I did.

I have been trying to keep busy. Writing little things like this, or on more pressing projects like "Trendsetter." It's difficult, because most of the work is stuff I need to be in my own head for, and being in my head right now is like being in a minefield. Wrong thing gets dredged up, and I go right back to being useless again.But I'm trying. Having ideas for TS helps, and just being able to stretch a little and write in these short, go-nowhere screenplays feels helpful. We'll see if it is.

Recommend going here. Meant a great deal to me, when I read it, and was glad the author didn't go with his gut and remove it from the rotation.

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  1. If you're looking to inspire yourself a bit or just distract yourself, really, go rent "Brick". It's so up your alley, shot for half a million (so you could theoretically do twice as much with your movie!) and has lines like "I've got all five senses and a good night's sleep, which puts me six up on the lot of you." For reals.

  2. I keep meaning to, but I don't have any way to rent anything at the moment. I guess I could start a membership, or just order it off the internet. It's one of those thing I only think of [or you remind me of] when I can't get it.

    Also, I was wondering where I got "for reals" from - the comic Justin and I are doing is littered with it.

  3. I don't know this sam fellow. but i like his taste. I have brick. I love it. Also, just read 'Nova' and i want to shoot it. haha. i have a new phone now randall, did i give you then number?

  4. He's actually a she, actually. Hah. Poor Sam.

    I'm glad you liked "Nova," I just wish I had an ending to it. Little bit of an idea what to do next, just not sure. Going to post another short I did later tonight too. Final Draft has made dicking around somewhat productive. Or at least entertaining. But anything you see that you want to do something with, sure. I'm open to that.

    Don't have the new phone number yet.