First sleep in days.

Dozed off last night about one, my body finally deciding to give up after the sleepless week from hell.

Woke up a few minutes ago, my laptop's screen kicked on when I got an e-mail from Kaley. Resisted my urge to respond immediately -- she sent me a couple of her things to read, and I'd like to read them before I do. Casey sent me something a couple of days ago too, which I'm only about half way through, so I might just take the day for reading. Feeling pretty mellow after actually getting some sleep.

Speaking of things friends of mine have written, John recently told a story on the Bathroom Monologues in "Twitter style" and today he's providing the trade paperback version [Re: the whole thing in one post].

Spoke to Sam on the phone for a bit last night. Really good to hear from her, just fun to spend the evening talking to someone you're close with. Have missed that with her.

Sinuses are killing me this morning. Between this and the post-sleep euphoria, I feel a little like my head's wrapped in cotton. Hopefully the mix of caffeine and antihistamines I've started will get me situated. Might be my own fault, the congestion -- spent yesterday cleaning my room, ironically trying to make some "space to breathe" and kicked up a lot of dust. Need to finish up, but I'm waiting for some storage boxes I ordered.

Money's going fast. Surprised actually. Hoping to stretch everything a bit more. Not exactly sure how budgeting is going to work on "Clean/Electric City" yet. Figure I'll be taken care of during the work, but until then, need to be more economical. Then again, I've been buying a lot of books lately. Still need a few new articles of clothing. Hoping to maybe hit the beach this summer. Can't be helped if it happens. Need to have some fun occasionally, doesn't hurt to enjoy myself a little.

Attempting to sell a few things on eBay again. Not going well.

Neighbors are having it out next door. Fun couple, bipolar psychopath meets redneck burnout. "Welcome to the K.V.B." They're moving his trailer out today, already seen a sheriff's deputy who found the miracle diet that only gets you fat from the waist up. Lots of screaming.

No plans for another post today, but it's early yet. Lot could still happen.


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