All ginned up and ready to spend.

Didn't sleep last night. No writing-related reason for it, just felt like shit, really down, so I finished off "Death Note" and took the morning to pick up milk, lettuce, and soda for my grandmother.

At some point in the night, a blood vessel burst in my left eye, likely from not sleeping. Hardly visible at all on the eye itself, but I have an eyeshadow-like bruise jutting out of the corner of my eyelid now. Lucky I wear sunglasses all the time, eh?

Hit the bank today too. Started scrounging loose change in my room yesterday, wound up with forty-some dollars[!], all rolled nice and neat. Going tomorrow to get a new pair of shoes. The Airwalks I had lasted a year, but I finally blew the bottoms out of them. Time to move on, check something off of the "shit Randall needs but doesn't have the money for" list.

Hoping to sleep tonight, get an early start tomorrow. Not looking good so far.

Biggest [Re: not the biggest] disappointment was that being up all night usually kicks something off in me, creativity-wise. No such luck last night.

With shoes out of the way, I should start up a new collection. I need printer ink so I can actually have a hard copy of "Trendsetter" to work from.


2 comments :: All ginned up and ready to spend.

  1. You should do a post on your thoughts on Death Note. It sucked up enough of your time.

  2. Hm. Hadn't considered it. Maybe I should.

    In my defense, I really only spent about two weeks watching it on and off.