Yes, I'm still alive.

You know you're getting better when the old annoyances flair up. Probably one good night's sleep away from feeling like a million bucks, and even post-half a bottle of NyQuil, my mind is still buzzing.

Short, obvious answers first. Yes I've been sick, yes, I think it had something to do with the previously mentioned neck swelling, and no, I'm not entirely sure what it was. Also, less obvious, but just as important, I've discovered if you nearly pass out while having a piss in my bathroom, the room's small enough you won't fall. I do live the glamorous life, don't I?

I will probably talk more about all this later. Currently cursing the fact that I'm down two days and Blogspot goes and changes things. Also, my inbox is overflowing, because let's face it, I usually have enough free time that I tend to stay pretty well on top of it, so I should probably try and get to all of that first. Hoping it is only the anxiety to catch up that is keeping me awake tonight.

Not quite back to 100% yet....not even back to my usual 87%. But worry not, for even in this Plague Year, I will not abandon the National Affair's desk.

More later.

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  1. There are glands in the neck that often swell or become painfully sensitive when you have an oral or respiratory infection. Any of thousands of diseases can mess with them. Generally it's good to take bed rest and a lot of your typical vitamin-heavy produce (fruits, vegetables, orange juice... which I guess is a fruit) to fight it early. Take it easy, dude. Stress never helps the immune system.