Friday the 13th, Valentine's Day, etc, etc.

News today. Some good, some bad.

Spent an evening with Mom and her boyfriend, recently. The divorce is finalized, and I have a new dynamic to my life... though nothing has changed all that much, especially not for me. The topic of the land I own came up [Re: 27+ acres], and how we're going to go about handling that.

It's a touchy subject. Part of my Bennington education was paid for with money given to my mother upon my grandmother's death. It was her wish, but as mom constantly has pointed out to me, that money had no earmark on it -- she was free to do with it as she wished, and I she chose to follow my grandmother's wishes.

Meanwhile, my kid brother [Re: Aaron] and I were willed the deed to my grandmother's land. This was a headache for my parent mom and my step-father, as they felt the land should be theirs. Of course, having that property was helpful to me -- it provided me a place to stay in between semesters at school, and nowadays, after my curious eviction, my kid brother uses it for parties.

Not to go too far into it, but things as they stand now lead me to needing some cash, and my mom wanting my half of the land. Admittedly, it was always my plan to sign my half of the deed over to my brother, since I did take the bulk of my grandma's money for college, and I thought he deserved to have it in exchange. Seemed fair to me. However, my mom has offered to give me some money for the land I own, and since I do desperately need that money, and since eventually that land would just be willed to Aaron anyway, I'm going to take the deal, and hopefully use the small influx of cash to get a few things I desperately need -- namely, a laptop, since I remain without a computer of my own, and a suit, for the upcoming "financing meetings" [Re: begging] for "Trendsetter."

So, that's windfall. Or something like it.

I also found out one of my cat's died a couple of months ago. I got her when I was about six or so, and yes, she really hung in there, but I loved that cat. Her name was Dice. Being away from "home," or in this case, it not being home anymore, this was expected, but I still feel down about the whole thing. Dice met all my girlfriends, her hair has been on every coat I've ever owned. She'd always come and lay with me when I was sick, being the only female who ever stayed by my bedside the entirety of any illness. Her belly hung low. She never got sick. She never tore things up. Occasionally, she'd sleep on the TV, and get kitty-static-cling.

I miss her. Missed her before I knew she was dead. Rest in peace, girl.

Other things. My last post was about friends of mine meeting my hero, Terry Moore. Ally did me one better, and she got me the man's signature in one of the SiP trades. It currently sits atop one of my many piles of possessions. I've opened it at least twenty times today to look at it. Thank you, Ally. It might be the coolest thing, ever.

While I'm thanking people, I'd like to thank my friend Savannah. Despite her busy schedule, she gave "Trendsetter" a look for me, and some her notes were pretty helpful in getting the old mental gears going again. So thank you, Dooley. I appreciate it.

Kyle also shared some Trendsetter notes with me today, but I asked him to shoot me a Facebook message with them all in it. I think I have another idea what to do with the new pages, just trying to get everything on paper to look at.

This was going to be a far longer post, and I may be back later to add another one.

2 comments :: Friday the 13th, Valentine's Day, etc, etc.

  1. Hold out for more money on the land! I didn't know it was that many acres.

    Also I'm really sorry to hear about your cat, and glad I got to meet her. I know how that goes, I've lost a few in my life as well. The main thing I think about is that I gave them a good life in a home rather than in a cage at a shelter until their number came up.

  2. It is helpful to think about that. I think what really bothers me more than anything is that I wasn't there when it happened.

    As for the land, I'm going to talk about that more later. Lot of complicated stuff goes into it, lot of people keep asking, so I think it might help me to just sit down and get it all out on paper.