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I want to start off by saying thank you for everyone who has ordered "Calamity Cash & The Town with No Name." When Justin, Laura, and I started off, we never really expected to sell any of these, and now have quite a few orders to fulfill - but we're not out yet. There's still some inventory in stock, and still time to get yours if you haven't already.

In the last day or so, a few people have told me they've had some trouble purchasing the book from the website's sidebar on their mobile devices and RSS feeds. Since so many people do access the internet solely from their phone, tablet, or the like now, I thought I'd add a minimalist "Buy Now" button below.

Again, thank you all so much. Each new order gives me such a charge. Justin and I spent the day yesterday signing them, and putting them into protective bags with cardboard backs.

"Calamity Cash & The Town with No Name"
(25 pages, $4.50 w/shipping - Special Introductory Price!): The mother/daughter vigilante team of Tana and Cal Cash are on the run from an Afro-rocking, Kung-Fu assassin, and have been forced to make their last stand in a nameless desert town hiding an unbelievable secret - every last citizen is in the Witness Protection program! Out of gas, low on ammo, and with their backs against the wall, Calamity and Mama Cash become the town's unlikely protectors, but with friends so quickly becoming enemies, and old enemies becoming friends, is the whole place doomed to burn around them? And will our heroines be the ones to light the first match? A modern-day action/adventure western with words by Randall Nichols, and art by Justin Cornell.

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