Cash for Cash, Breaking Bad, Calamity Cash on Geeking Ally!'s pull...

Big news! "Calamity Cash & the Town with No Name" has made The Weekly Pull over on GeekingAlly! featured right alongside big name comic books like Daredevil and [a personal favorite of mine] Batwoman. GeekingAlly! is a great site, and you should be checking it out for all your comic, movie, horror, and fandom news, but if you're not... well, get over there! And thanks, Ally!

I also want to thank everyone who has ordered "Calamity Cash" so far. Orders have been much higher than expected, and I've even gotten some pictures of happy customers with the book, which just... its hard to describe seeing friends both near and far hanging out with your work in their hand. I'll likely features these pictures in the coming weeks here on the blog, unless I can think of something even more interesting to do with them [minds out of the gutters! Damn Facebook generation...].

Copies of "Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name" are still available to buy, either via the pretty button on the sidebar, or this less fancy, but mobile-friendly version:

Though thinning, the book's still stock. And if you have any problems, money issues, address changes, or questions, feel free to message us at

And since it's Wednesday night, and hopefully you should all be spoiler-free by now, I joined Sarah Crow on her Spreecast channel this past Sunday for "The Breaking Bad Midnight Show" - just a fun hour or so of me and Sarah re-capping, dissecting, and generally geeking out about the best show on television - you guessed it, AMC's "Breaking Bad." It was an absolutely blast, and looks like it could become a weekly thing, at least for the rest of the season, as we wind down to the very end of the meth-making fantasia of Walt and Jesse in Arizona.

Not to pat myself on the back, but it's really the kind of fandom I really love - just two people talking about something they've gotten invested in. I hope you'll check it out, check out Sarah's other Spreecasts [a few of which always feature me], and maybe join us if we do another this Sunday.

Oh, and before you tune in - just in case: Spoilers, sweeties.

Calamity Cash plug after the jump!

"Calamity Cash & The Town with No Name" (25 pages, $4.50 w/shipping - Special Introductory Price!): The mother/daughter vigilante team of Tana and Cal Cash are on the run from an Afro-rocking, Kung-Fu assassin, and have been forced to make their last stand in a nameless desert town hiding an unbelievable secret - every last citizen is in the Witness Protection program! Out of gas, low on ammo, and with their backs against the wall, Calamity and Mama Cash become the town's unlikely protectors, but with friends so quickly becoming enemies, and old enemies becoming friends, is the whole place doomed to burn around them? And will our heroines be the ones to light the first match? A modern-day action/adventure western with words by Randall Nichols, and art by Justin Cornell.

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