Buyout: "Calamity Cash" Still on Sale and "The Breaking Bad Midnight Show" Ep. 2

The first printing of "Calamity Cash & The Town with No Name" has almost sold out. Almost! If you haven't gotten a copy of the comic yet, but are planning to buy one, now would be the time. In fact, even if you plan to purchase one at a later date, and just can't yet make the order yet, I must encourage you to write me at, and talk to me about reserving one, because with only a handful left I can't make a lot of promises about availability going forward.

You can order there on the sidebar, on Justin's website, or by clicking this handy little button specially made for mobile users:

Synopsis after the jump:

"Calamity Cash & The Town with No Name" (25 pages, $4.50 w/shipping - Special Introductory Price!): The mother/daughter vigilante team of Tana and Cal Cash are on the run from an Afro-rocking, Kung-Fu assassin, and have been forced to make their last stand in a nameless desert town hiding an unbelievable secret - every last citizen is in the Witness Protection program! Out of gas, low on ammo, and with their backs against the wall, Calamity and Mama Cash become the town's unlikely protectors, but with friends so quickly becoming enemies, and old enemies becoming friends, is the whole place doomed to burn? And will our heroines be the ones to light the first match? A modern-day action/adventure western with words by Randall Nichols, and art by Justin Cornell.

Now, there are a few things in the works which make a second printing pretty likely. However, this first run was specially-priced, and once we have to print more the price will go up - by about a dollar an issue. This is to recoup shipping and handling from the printer to us, and then from us to you. Totally unavoidable, or we'd continue to offer the $4.50 introductory price from here on out. My apologies, for sure.

But also another a really good reason to order now.

Also! This week, I joined Sarah Crow again on her Spreecast Channel, where we had the second Breaking Bad Midnight Show for this week's episode - "Buy Out." These have went really well, and will likely be a regular thing until the end of the series - meaning two more this season, and maybe a bunch next year as things begin to wind down. If you watch the show first run, it's a lot of fun to get in on [if I can say without flattering myself], and a Breaking Bad dead-pool is starting to take shape...

You know you want to.

And, like last time, spoilers, sweeties.

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