My St. Baldricks/CheriAnn picture

Here's my sketch from CheriAnn for donating to her St.Baldricks pledge drive. I didn't really have the money, to be honest, but it didn't feel like quite enough to just link CheriAnn's philanthropy from here, and anyway, I can sacrifice the cost of a couple of woot! shirts to help out a good cause. I actually feel kind of embarrassed speaking about it here, because I prefer to donate to charities anonymously when I can, and this takes the piss out of doing that, but... I wanted to show off my cool CheriAnn Borgstrom original.

I feel like I've kind of got a Keanu Reeves thing going on here, with a tiny plush super-ego rocking out on my shoulder. And it's nice to see Kyle's good work [and Glen's design] working their way into the Randall Nichols mythology. And hilariously, this is a fairly apt take on my creative process.

I want to thank CheriAnn for the wonderful likeness, and just for undertaking the cause. I also want to apologize, because I'm probably going to make a huge fuss when she shaves her head come March 20th. Because that is how I roll.

Again, I encourage everyone to donate if they can, it's a wonderful cause and CheriAnn's a saint for undertaking it. And keep checking CheriAnn's tumblr for the pieces she does for other donors.

In other news, I'm going to put up some previews here for "A Change is Gonna Come," probably in the next couple of days. I know a lot of people have been asking me about the work Ander and I did together, and I'm anxious to show it off, and get excitement going for "Normal" too. I've also seen some of the first character sketches for "VHS Generation," and am trying to polish off a final draft of the script in the next couple of days. Ander's doing amazing work, as usual, and I'm just trying my best to hold up my end of things, make sure the writings at least half as good as the illustrations.

Finally, I have a friend in a rough, but familiar, spot right now, who I don't believe is reading, but... if you are, just know you're in my thoughts, and I'll do anything I can. All my best.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your drawing!