I don't tend show off Christmas Gifts, but...

What can I say? This appealed to my ego.

CheriAnn Borgstrom [née Stevens], or... maybe you know her as Nixon Agnew, or Cheeseborger, did this for me. She's... insanely busy, but for Christmas she said people could request a small sketch, no string attached, and did this for me. Kind of a striking likeness for someone who's never seen me in real life [and also? THANK YOU, Cheri, for making me blond. I fight so hard for the acknowledgment of my actual hair color], complete with a POV that might explain that necromancer's tan I rock. And even though the artist was apologetic for being late, I have to say... this couldn't have come at a more wonderful time. Sounds weird to say, of course, but I just took the Christmas tree and all the decoration down, so a slightly belated reminder of the holiday was just what I needed.

Merry Christmas, CheriAnn, and thank you so much for this. Anyone who's reading, help me thank CheriAnn by checking out her deviantART site here, and her tumblr, both of which regularly feature updated work from her. CheriAnn has been lovely to me for... well, as long as I can remember, though I like to think our friendship really took off after working together to solve the riddle of Emilio Estevez's crotch-related super-powers.

Oh, the search terms we're generating.

As for other things, I have several posts forthcoming, lot of stuff to show off that isn't Christmas related, maybe some writing I've been messing around with, but right now I've kind of put everything off to do holiday-related things, watch movies, and dig into the massive stack of books that I received for Christmas. So, promise, more soon. Not at all strange for me, but... lots to talk about.

Until then, just a short post.

And thanks again CheriAnn. I really appreciate this.

5 comments :: I don't tend show off Christmas Gifts, but...

  1. I just choked on 'necromancer's tan'

  2. I wish I could remember who I stole it from, though honestly I feel I've used it enough that at this point, I've co-opted it as my own, entirely.

  3. I love this!

    PS: I promise I'm going to read your piece...I promise! SOON!

  4. I'm glad you like it. I always feel weird doing the speed/quick sketches for people I consider to be my friends... Because I have a hard time picking what to draw and I'm always worried they'll be offended that it's not higher quality. I initially started doing it for strangers because it's easier for me to loosen up and I can draw something based on the front pages of their tumblrs without worrying about offending them. But I'm glad you liked it. That was a big stress floating around in my head before I finally gave it to you.

  5. @Adria - Again, no rush! After all, it was just something I wanted you to see, maybe enjoy. If you like it.

    @CheriAnn - Well, no worries. I am always flattered by images of myself. Thank you, so much.