Hate making two posts in such quick succession, but...

Irksome news, everyone. You may be hearing slightly less from me over the next week or so. My laptop's casing has a pretty serious crack in it, which I probably wouldn't even bother getting repaired if not for the fact that it's right around the screen. Now yes, I have access to a fairly ancient desktop computer here, the very machine I started writing this blog on, but I am now spoiled and set in my ways, and am also looking at a little bit of freelance work coming up, so there might be a few less Mojo Wires here at the beginning of 2011.

We'll see, though. I've said the same thing before, and then went and posted four or five times in the same week.

I also just really loathe anything being wrong with my computer, and I was surprised how... embarrassing it was to call about physical damage to the laptop itself. Having to talk to four different people, each time getting "So, sir, you dropped the machine," each time being "No, I never dropped it, it's just wear and tear" followed by the half-smirking [I'm good with voices, I can just tell these things, goddammit!] "Yes, of course." Makes me feel like the techie-laughing stock of the Indian subcontinent.

Oh, also? Not covered by my warranty. Goddammit.

Trying to focus on the positives, that at least I can still get any work done I need to, which means I'll actually be able to do a few things to cover the cost of repairs.

Sorry for the two posts in such short order, but I really didn't want to put any grumpiness in the previous post. That's happy stuff. And this...

Well, again. Goddammit.

4 comments :: Hate making two posts in such quick succession, but...

  1. man, that sucks. that thing was like brand new.

    lemme know if it gets too bad, i have some awesome epoxies for plastic...

  2. Thanks man, but I'm just going to send it off to Dell and have it fixed. The break is at the hinge where the laptop opens and closes, and there's an exposed screw now, so it's only getting worse if I put it off. It's kind of pricey, but I think there's something wrong with the hinge that made it crack like that, and if I'm right they'll [hopefully] take care of that too.

    Upside, they told me I could keep my hard drive, which at least simplifies work things.

  3. Don't worry, I believe that you didn't drop it, even if the reps at Dell don't. Dropping the computer actually requires moving it from the desk first.

  4. I actually carry it around quite a bit, but I've never dropped it before. The bag I have for it has mad padding, and when I just carry, it's not like I lug it around by the screen... it just had a loose hinge, which got looser, and eventually, one hinge being wobblery than the other caused it to crack. It's... maddening, because it's a manufacturing error that seemed like nothing and now is totally my responsibility to pay for.

    Little miffed about it, still.