Next Week: Guest Blogs Galore in Honor of the Top Horror Movies of the Decade

I've mentioned this in the past couple of posts, but for the sake of anyone who missed it.

Next week The Mojo Wire will be hosting a series of guest blogs by various folks I know, celebrating their favorite horror films of the past decade. This little brain child came from a lot of talking and love my friend John and I have for the genre, and will be styled a little like this list compiled over at Bloody Disgusting.

I've already received one and have it ready to go come Monday, and I've got mine pretty much finished, and I expect to spend the rest of week pestering people who said they might like to get involved. And if there's anyone just hearing about this who's interested, then feel free to drop me an e-mail, either saying you'd like to do a list, or you can just send me one. I'll link whatever you ask me to in return, and it should be a lot of fun.

And I'm willing to be very loose with what we're calling horror -- maybe you want to do a list of films that weren't overtly scary, but were unsettling in some way. Or maybe you'd like to put together a list of mort horror films, real crap from the last ten years. Or, I've even have one person pitch a single entry on a movie they really wanted to write about above all other -- and that's fine too. Hell, if you're an illustrator, and want to bang out something quick in honor of your favorite scary movie from the past year, I have no problem posting that either. Nearly anything goes! It's just a chance to get some new faces and new content here on the Wire, and spread around the web traffic for all involved.

I'll also totally admit I'm playing this a little fast and loose, but I'm feeling pretty good about it so far. We'll see about the end results around the end of next week.


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