Lack of Updates, Post-Thanksgiving

Okay, updates have been sparse lately. This time last year I was posting almost every day, as I was elbow deep in "Trendsetter" work, pulling all-nighters right and left, flipping my shit at every roadblock, and cranking out pages like nobody's business. There's really not as much focus this year, because I really don't have one, over-arching project I've been working on. Honestly, with the exception of what little I've talked about here, I haven't been writing much at all since my trip fell through at the beginning of the month.

Not that I've actually had time. This week in particular I've had one free day, most of which I was asleep for. Holiday errands have started early, or maybe with Thanksgiving right on time, and I've been swamped. Today was spent helping my mom with some moving which... was what it was, and by the end of it I wound up with a lot of my stuff out of storage and stacked to the ceiling in my room here. Things now are a bit of mess, and it looks like I live in storage room of a comic book store or a library's magazine stacks.

Looking at my schedule, I don't expect this busy thing to end until closer to Christmas, either right before, and maybe right after [I'm not sure which would be preferable]. Coupled with the lack of inspiration, I can't promise that my postings will get any more regular, which is a shame because I've seen an upswing in traffic in recent months, and folks are actually commenting on things, both of which makes me think letting up any is probably not a great idea. Then again, I never exactly expected to get marvelously famous from this, so I'm probably worried about nothing. Anyway, it's just the way of things -- if I'm not writing, I'm not going to be talking about writing as much.

I have a couple things I do want to write about here, though, and will try and get both in this week. Tonight, I'm too exhausted from packing and unpacking boxes, and just generally handling precious memories and mementos with a bit less care than I prefer. I'm glad to have it done [the parts of it that are done], and now I'm going to vegetate for the rest of the evening.

Before I go, I'd like to thank Glen for giving me someplace to go on Thanksgiving. It was a real pleasure sharing the holiday with his family, and seeing Hillary again too, which was a nice surprise. His parents are especially charming, and I was glad they let me impose.

I'd also like to thank Sam's parents for their kind Thanksgiving wishes on Facebook. I've spent three Thanksgivings with Lauri and Ruben, and I miss joining them for the tradition dearly. I can only hope one day I'll be able to see them again. It's been too long.

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