I need some Pym Particles.

Today was sort of a fun day.

Convinced Justin to help me run some errands today. We started way early, like around eight thirty. I was worried about this, actually, as I'd been up late the night before [re: shocker], and figured I'd only get a few hours sleep anyway -- which usually makes me feel like garbage. I've never been good with nap-style sleep, and usually if I'm looking at an early morning these days, it's easier to just push on through until morning.

Woke up surprisingly fresh, alert, and not sick to my stomach. First time for everything, I guess.

Anyway. We had breakfast, hit the thrift stores in Charleston, and when that didn't turn up much more than a particularly hilarious exchange between the two of us ["We should buy cheap chairs. And then put them some place chairs wouldn't normally be." "Like train tracks!" "...YEAH!."], I decided to hit the mall while he ran lunch over to his girlfriend. I haven't been in the mall in a while, and was surprised all the Christmas regalia was up, trees and and lights and music and all. No crowds yet, I guess those will wait until after tomorrow, so it wasn't an unpleasant trip, though there were all sorts of fun flashbacks now that my old calendar kiosk has reclaimed its spot near center court.

"Flashbacks" might be pushing it. Maybe. I was seeing some things, though. Some things and some stuff.

Wound up getting a shirt and a tie, paying a little more than I wanted. I had heard vintage ties were coming back into style, but not here, apparently. Was hoping for a square end, or at least one of those early 90s ska skinny-ties. I don't understand this silk tie thing -- sure, for a wedding, a funeral, they're brilliant, but for a job-interview, or a semi-formal/casual-formal dinner, I'd rather not blind the others with the casual glean off my shiny tie. Sort of bugs me, because these aren't really clothes I like or enjoy wearing, and I'd much rather put the money into a new hoodie, a new pair of Chucks, or maybe some t-shirts [which I am running surprisingly short on, for me], or something I know I'll need and actually get a lot of use out of. But I'm getting the feeling I'm going to need this shirt and non-ostentation tie soon.

I'll talk more about that later. Not tonight, not now.

The real reason for today's outing was going home -- back to the boonies -- to box up comic books with boxes meant for... well, other comic books. I've mentioned before that I was stocking up on long boxes for the comics that would be slowly trickling out to me from Dad's, but recently Mom's decided she needs extra space out in the country, and because of this I need to get my expansive collection out of her hair. Which is a whole thing really, and probably better not discussed here, but the hangup is I don't really have loads of places to put comics in the small room I call home now. So, to save some space, and maybe make transitioning the books from one place to another more easily, I thought I'd use the long boxes I had to gather up my comics and get them tucked away somewhere. Justin was immensely helpful with this, and the whole job didn't take all that long -- I even had a chance to straighten up a bit for... no real reason in particular, but the point was, I got some of my stuff that's in storage better organized, and hopefully, more mobile.

So that's something.

It's still unsettling though, seeing so much of your life just packed up in moldy boxes. And there wasn't even as much as I remember, which is really such a mixed-bag of different feelings.

Safe to say no writing got done, of course, nor did any get done the day before thanks to an impromptu trip to the grocery store [never went grocery shopping so close to Thanksgiving. Practically had to start throwing strong-style elbows to get out of there]. So it's been a slow week, albeit a productive one in its way. It's actually kind of nice, all told. I like being busy for the holidays, because it makes them feel like the holidays, and that hasn't been the case with me for the past couple of years.

Someone really interesting asked to see some of my writing lately, and when I was gathering up things to e-mail them, I found that even with everything that gets deleted or abandoned mid-concept, I still had five or six different things that were actually show-able, and while I really wish it was more, considering the year it's been I felt pretty good to have so many things I wasn't mortified to share.

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  1. yes. The dress code is getting casual.