Not sleepin', might as well be postin'.

The title pretty much sums it up.

I actually had a master plan for all this. Monday I have a day out with Mom scheduled, and since that Monday is the big anniversary for the Mojo Wire, I had this idea in my head I'd shoot for a good night's sleep tonight, and then pull an all-nighter Sunday, using that extra time to do a post about the past [first] year and be up at a normal person's hour the next morning so things could get done. Instead, I'm awake now, which will probably mean sleeping tomorrow night, which will probably me... I don't know. Something. I'll cross that bridge when I get there. It probably speaks volumes about me that when faced with one day of functioning before noon, I feel the need to just push on through the whole night.

I actually expected to write more here this week. The anniversary of my first year since graduation was sort of devastating for me, if only for how anticlimactic it seemed, and what at the time I saw as a lack of progress towards my goals was very difficult to deal with. I think when I started this blog, I had a similar mindset, one of "oh what a failure I will be if in one year's time nothing has changed," and I expected a lot of panic and hair-splitting as the day approached. But I think somewhere my outlook shifted a little. There have been a lot of reminders lately that "change" and "progress" are not necessarily synonymous, and though I it has crossed my mind, I don't expect Monday to usher in great feelings of failure or accomplishment. It's a milestone certainly, but not in the grand, defining moment sort of way, and more just in the line of demarcation. If there is any great success here, it's that I've managed to keep it up for a year.

I might still get sentimental once The Mojo Wire: Year 2 gets underway. So don't hold me to any of this, naturally.

This past week has been spent thinking and talking more than writing, honestly. I have a pretty solid outline for the next "Real Quality Comics" issue, but I'm worried about the length of the story and that's kept me from getting a proper start on it. Hopefully I'll be able to break through that invisible wall soon. I've also been taking "The Familiar" out on walks with me, reading it in some of the places I put in the screenplay. Whether that'll yield any different results, I'm not sure, but I feel closer to it, which is never a bad thing.

I spoke with Kyle over the phone about "Nova," and we seem to still be on track, though he's having some difficulties with his other job right now, and there's no reason on my end to push anything. The script is finished, I'm actually pretty pleased with what I have, and expect any final changes to happen either on set or in the editing room. It looks like the DP we want will be freeing up soon, so I expect "Nova" to move forward a little faster after that, but right now the important thing is that nothing has changed, and we're still on our intended schedule.

Justin and I talked for a little bit too, and it looks like the page count for "Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name" has worked out perfectly for printing. It'll be a monster 52 pages, the absolute most allowed for a staple binding [where we're looking to print], which after my script went so far over I consider almost serendipitous. Nice to have something work out of a change, to be sure.

Finally, I'd like to link the website of Peter Wonsowski. PW! is an artist I discovered through the Autumn Society, and I just really enjoy his artwork and encourage anyone reading to go and check out his website. He recently left a comment over on my post about Dana Stevens, and I thought that was really cool of him, especially since I so rarely know who is reading. Which isn't an indictment of anyone, I should point out. Blog comments are sometimes a daunting task.

Cheers. Look for a post Sunday night/Monday.

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