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I've been writing little bits about Steven in my spare time for the past couple of days. My plan is to spend the next week or so posting them, one a day, until I'm either out or I start worrying my tribute to him is in bad taste. I can't make a lot of promises about these -- most, admittedly, are more about myself than Steven, but he's a part of all them, some in ways that won't be entirely clear because I've only been away from him and his lectures for two years, and in that time there are still some run-ins and lessons that I turn over in my head regularly, trying to figure out their meanings, their morals, and their applications.

It won't all make sense. Probably won't share every Steven story I have. I hope it won't all be sad. But this is my space, and while I never intended to use the blog like this, for the time being, it's his space too. And it's the only proper way I can think to pay tribute right now.

I'll try my best to post them all around the same time each day. For future reference, each will have the tag "Steven Bach."

What follows is various links I've collected since his death. Most of them have come my way from Lex Friedman, but a few have come from various other sources.

Steven's Obituary, in the New York Times. I think it's a great obit., if for no other reason than it calls him a "gentleman," which for me has always been a term of very high praise.

New York's State Writer's Institute Online Diary. An intermittantly updated blog of the New York Writer's Institute, with a nice entry on Steven's passing, and several links, including some video.

Speaking of video, I'd suggest checking out this link on FORA TV, and this one with Steven on Charlie Rose. Both have him talking about Leni Riefenstahl, and his last book on the subject. Sam described them to me as like catching a last lecture by him -- both brought me comfort to see his mannerisms, and hear his voice again.

Finally, here is another obituary for Steven, one that gave me and some friends a little laugh. Steven loathed the publication so absolutely that I can actually hear him saying "You've gotta be fucking kidding me!" as I link it.

Anyone with other links, or stories about Steven to share, just post them in my comments section, or e-mail me. I'll make sure they get up too.


There will be a new post about Steven every day at 6:00 PM. I've already written them, and they are scheduled to post at exactly that time. However, if other stories of Bach pop into my head during the day, I will likely add them as they come to me too. Right now, the whole week is set up, and everything should run smoothly.

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  1. NPR clip of Steven on Fresh Air talking about Leni:

    Steven always did have an unmistakable voice.