March Sadness

As of yesterday, my days as landed gentry have officially ended, and I am now only Randall Nichols II, gentleman. One of meager means and, no doubt, numbered days in the life he has thus far pursued. Thankfully, those days might be extended considerably if I approach this problem with a little intelligence, and hopefully, I shall be graced with some in a short enough period of time so as to take advantage of it.

This is not what I'll consider a happy day, though getting out from under that land and making a little money for my trouble is most certainly a good thing. Today is the end of a dream, one that has been unrealistic, maybe even impossible, for months now, but once saw me and a very beautiful, intelligent girl, enjoying cohabitation in a house that probably shouldn't support one tenet, let alone two. And while it would have just been transitional, two people who were not built for country living, making a go of it together in a summer too hot and with no air conditioning [or cable for that matter]... I occasionally looked forward to that. And I'll miss it.

Hah. Missing something I did not have. Ridiculous. But the possibilities were too nice and beautiful to not mourn, and I will miss them. All these things I've left behind.

I plan to post again later tonight, and this, it was my intention, was to have been posted last night. But I fell asleep unnaturally early for me yesterday, so I'm playing catch up a little bit.


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  1. Nice thing about dreams is that another comes along to most people every night. Sorry you had to wake from this one, but there are more pretty girls out there, many more deep ones, and many more places you shouldn't be living. Cheers, my friend.