Holy shit, I'm up before 11.

Just some short, little things.

Feeling much better now. Only contending with a cough. Planning on not letting it get out of hand.

Had some thoughts while sick, considering a few changes. Nothing right away, improvements, maybe? Definitely in a new, blue funk right now, carried over from being sick. Lots of thoughts on the matter, private for the moment. Probably talk about more later.

Yesterday was a bit of a wash. Meant to spend evening with friend, he seemed like he needed it, but my first full evening on my feet ended up getting me pulled away to make up on all the chores I missed. Hope the night to himself helped his recovery though.

Saw "Watchmen" at midnight, lots of thoughts, plenty of notes [Re: six pages]. Considering a legit, or at least semi-legit review to go up here. Aiming for Sunday, but reviews were always sort of torturous for me [what isn't? they'd ask]. But I should be writing something, and this seems like the most present thing for me to write at the moment.

Slightly behind my self-set [and mostly secret] date for finish of the next draft of "Trendsetter." Was aiming for middle of March, now seems unlikely. Being sick lost me a week, but I also thought a few of these other hassles would have vacated by now. Could improve my mood if they would, which would also stir some inspiration, I'm sure. Also have some last minute comments from friends to figure in as well, and honestly I know what has to be done, I just haven't had many new ideas on how to do it. Looking at end of March/beginning of April. Despite block, seems realistic, and possible.


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