Letters to strangers.

Rough morning. Dozed off around ten, which would have been fine, but almost missed call from Ally. She's leaving for Pittsburgh today. Actually, she's leaving for Baltimore today, where her, Justin, and Glen will be meeting Mike Mignola, and I imagine other cool comic-related peoples. Met Mignola myself once at Bennington... came off like a right herb, I did. Still awesome to have met him.

Anyway, long and short is that it sounds better to just say she's leaving today...which is true, she's going straight from there to her new home. Proud of her. Also, sad. I hate goodbyes, and ones like today make me think of graduation, and of saying goodbye to the girls, and everyone crying, and Sam crying so damn hard and hugging me so damn tight, and I just pushed up my glasses and sucked it up and didn't let a tear fall. I'm an idiot like that.

Speaking of the girls, Julia sent me an awesome link today [
. Definitely worth a look, but not knowing Ming Doyle bugs me. Should commit time to that tomorrow. Today, it's all been Hirooki Goto [Re: Fire Pro Edit].

I miss everybody.

Still, I said goodbye. Will likely see Ally again soon. She has some of my books. I have a few DVDs. Still down. Friendlies are like the truth these days [Re: Mark Twain].

Worried this is starting to sound like Rorschach's diary [Re: Watchmen]. Since the blog isn't "officially" open though, don't care. May stick to this format, may not.

On Work. Forgot to message Savannah back. Should keep at that, for pointers, and just because it's fun to think about the pilot in the works [Re: Sweet Home]. She's also very encouraging, though worried about a friend of hers.

Also, spoke briefly to Glen's friend Kyle. "Kyle Christian Quinn"... the man has the name of producer. Offered me an idea for a short -- piece about a guy who writes letters to strangers about his problems, idea catches on, everyone starts doing it. Light to heavy drama. No timetable, and he said it didn't have to be more than 20 pages. Then reassured me that he wasn't looking for a feature. Then said he'd love to do a feature.

I think I like this guy.

Best to wait until I meet him in person, but basic good feelings here. Good vibrations, Hunter would say.

Took down some notes, have a treatment in mind already. Not sure if he'll be crazy about the first shot, but the idea is an open enough one that endless takes could come. Another thing to work on, but exciting. Might have a draft in a couple of days.

Watched the debate tonight. Might account for current ill feeling. I had forgotten how utterly useless debates are for anything. Proves little, perhaps nothing. Sad most people will vote from what they see there.
Maybe they've already made up their mind. Small comfort.

Feel sorry for Obama... current events seem to call even the most earnest promises into doubt anyway. Meanwhile, McCain is some strange, shape-changing beast, adapting with a nudge from stern, record-oriented politician to mold-breaking maverick. The irony -- definition of maverick is an unbranded, motherless calf -- a record of no allegiances and wild unpredictability. So many claim he sold out to get here, but did he, really? Is this not just the same McCain? Could he not win, revert, alienate his new "base," or become something entirely different?

Mercurial. Funny thing with mercury, hold it long enough, it'll make you crazy. And think of the man's age... just how crazy is he now?

I still think of McCain as that young man, showed in black and white on his first go round at this office, young and hurt and scared. Tortured. Heart goes out. Still see that pained desperation in his face these days, but feel less pity. Again, Obama... this seems all like some wild dream, some altruistic bid for changing it all. But McCain. There's hate. It's personal. The face looks the same.

I still don't believe he'll win come winter. But if I'm wrong, and the country votes the old man in, the country deserves what it gets, whatever that will be.

Tomorrow should try to be more productive. No one here all weekend. Got time.


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