The first kiss cuts the deepest.

Getting started today.

Tired. Keeping this minimal to begin with.

First real "leg work" on the comic today [Re: "Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name]. Justin was worried about the setting, specifically the diner, so we headed to Teays Valley to the little diner there for some reference photos. Wound up going all the way back home to get a picture of a garage we likely would have gotten anywhere, but it was the one in my mind while working on the script. Largely, an excuse to dick around. Still, Justin's making real headway with the sketches []. New ones showing up everyday, everything is well above par. After doing the town, he'll likely be able to get started. 45 pages, and counting.

Not considering pin-ups, cover. He's already concerned about printing.

Talked at length about other writing duties, specifically, profiles for us and the characters. With "SULK," waited to the last minute, made mistakes. Minor, lovable mistakes. Likely get started on these while he's working this time.

Also covered some background. Thinking Tana Cash [Re: Momma Cash] was likely a flower child. Something changed. Still no origin on that one, but it was a time period that produced Thompson and the Manson family as easily as it did, so moving character towards flaming, homicidal sword or retribution is not unlikely. Figure she started killing late 70's, early eighties. Justin has a pinup planned.

Other things. Continued to talk to Savannah about the necessary ingredients to write a pilot. Despite "workload," am intrigued by the challenge of something new. Never done a TV script, Savannah is sweet to help me. Idea is mostly rehashed work, "White Trash Nation" idea combined with something Jackass-esque, all the 90210 ridiculousness makes me anxious to write something a bit more down to earth. 45 pages, likely [huh. same as the comic.], commercials taken into consideration, cold open, 4-5 acts. "Sweet Home."

Desperate to write other comics. Hoping "Bride of Beyondo" and "Kid Beyondo" get time soon. Anxious to get them down before I lose them. Keep having ideas for "Conserve" [Re: Future Story], not sure if there's enough to do it yet. "The Book" I could also knock out in a couple days I think -- very SULK, little Pomo in there. Should get started on one of these soon.

Thinking a lot of Christmas. Seeing a friend off tomorrow. She's getting out. Goodbyes are lousy.


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