As promised.

Back, as promised.

Today was a wash. Got to thinking, got depressed. Had a big afternoon breakfast and spent majority of day doing nothing.

Contacted no one, though Maya
Eller contacted me on Facebook. Remember clearly the two of us sitting way too close together upon first meeting in a crowded music room, talking about concerts. She said she has a husband now, and they are working on a "graphic novel" together. Felt vaguely less special. Still, nice to say I was working on one myself [Re: Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name]. Must remember to thank Justin.

Good to hear from her though. Glad to hear from anyone, which makes anyone no less special, despite the way it sounds.

This evening was the first evening
blog's "dashboard" came in handy. Lovely feature.

Should read more. Watched "House" today... funny how that show is ingrained in my life over the past several years. Still, makes me smile. Sometimes, I think plot doesn't matter, only characters. Could watch good characters make a

Watching "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" too. Good show, but watching too many episodes at once makes me feel a bit desensitized. Hardly laugh out loud at it though, not unlike watching someone fall down... you want to, but there's also saving face. Still hilarious.

Blog's spellcheck makes me giggle. Even dogs come to recognize their own name.

Try to do better tomorrow. Lose focus for one second, and...


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