HUGE podcast tonight - Sarah Crow Q&A with Savannah Dooley

I meant to post about this last night, but I fell asleep. An odd turn of events for me. Luckily, I got in a little pimpage for it on Facebook, but I really wanted to get the word out on this.

You may remember last week I sat down with Sarah Crow and had a long conversation about the impending zombie apocalypse, hipsters, boats, and bath salts. Now, no, just for the sake of clarification, I'm not involved in this next one [which automatically improves the quality 410%, I'd imagine], but writer/producer/fellow Bennington ex-pat Savannah Dooley is, meaning two of my favorite ladies are going to be doing a "Between Two Ferns" thing on Sarah's Spreecast channel tonight at 10 PM eastern, 7 PM Pacific.

Sarah will be doing a Q&A with Savannah about her short-lived, but totally awesome television show "Huge," not to mention tying up some loose ends about where things would have went if ABC Family was totally mental, along with more serious commentary about the state of society's collective body image [hint: fucked up], and really anything the else Sarah and her audience comes up with to ask her. [She's a mad talented writer for instance - that might be something people want to get her to talk about, hint hint.] Savannah's incredibly skilled when it comes to dialogging about these sorts of things, and is always incredibly funny, if you have ever had an opportunity to know her and her work, so one can only imagine when paired with the equally hilarious Sarah Crow, the show should be a really great time.

I was a big fan of "Huge," really big fan of Savannah getting her work out there like that, and blogged about it on a couple of occasion, too. So if you're painfully out of the loop, hit Google, or click the "Huge" tag at the end of this post.

Check it out.
What: Q+A w/ 'Huge' Creator Savannah Dooley
When: 10:00 EDT

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