New Cash page, Buswater, couple of blogs of note...

Justin sent me a new page yesterday. Heavy action on this one, and you can get another look at it over on his blog, as well as some short thoughts on where we are, what's next, how it's coming along.

Actually got to see him yesterday too, as there as the semi-annual Buswater art show in Charleston, and I wanted to show my support for him and his fiancée, Staci, who always has work in the show, and Carrie, who was showing work in her first Buswater. Plus, it's kind of interesting to see Charleston's skeletal artist community out in their pea coats, along with all the punk/new wave-looking girls who seem to be MIA for the rest of the year. I don't know, maybe the Joan Jett hair is a special occasion kind of thing.

Before going we hit IHOP, I did the whole grain pancake thing, and chased it at the show with a lot of cheap wine. Sort of ruined the evening for me, left me wandering off every now and then to try and decide if vomming like a freshman with 200+ people in the house was something I wanted to do. I wasn't even drunk, so pity only knows what happened there. Wound up waiting until I got home to be sick -- maybe not my best choice, but hey, I made it. Still, put a crimp on mingling with my friends, said Runaways [though there was someone who wasn't there without a faux hawk I would have rather seen], or the dude who bought up Justin's work [pieces not unlike the Charles Bronson picture I linked the other day], and was having a fairly interesting conversation with my Calamity Cash collaborator that I wish I would have been more up to being involved in.

Free time's been going to writing. Couple of ideas have sprung up. Just outlines, right now. Having trouble setting up the first scene to the closest thing that's ready to go.

The screenwriting contest I entered Nova in announces its winners on Monday. There's this part of me that imagines they probably tell the winners in advance, but... maybe not. Guess we'll see.

I don't usually link things on Twitter over the weekends. Just a way to keep myself sane, make sure I don't get overwhelmed. Still, sometimes things drop over the weekend, which I tend to hold over until the next week, but sometimes, things just can't wait.

Go watch "Waiting" over at "My Soul is a Butterfly." It's an audio slideshow by Hannah Miet, about her friend Emily the day before her biopsy to see if she has Hodgkin's lymphoma. It's moving, touching, horrifying... it's raw. That word, that last one, gets thrown around too much. But here, it's fitting. Go, watch.

Not as pressing but just as cool, [and something I've already linked quite a bit], is Amy Klein's blog. If you don't know the name, shame on you, but she's a member of one of my favorite bands, Titus Andronicus, and has a couple of awesome non-Titus-related projects on deck as well [hilly eye and Solanin]. But she's also a freelance writer - a real one, not like what I do - and though I've only scratched the surface, the current entry "A New Feminist Movement for the New Millenium" caught my eye, and felt especially topical now that I'm settling into this post-reading Girls to the Front mindset. If you're in NYC, definitely read this, and if you're not... read it anyway.

I got my snow today. Not quite enough. Stuck to the trees, metal fences, telephone poles. Covered the grass, but not the dead leaves, not the roads. Still, looking at it in the evening, under the single street lamp... can almost make you feel like, if you could just have that moment, that minute, to replay at your leisure forever... wouldn't matter if you never fell in love again.

More soon. Cheers.

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