Well, today has been a bit of a wash.

The screenwriting competition I entered "Nova" in has pushed back it's announcement of the winners for another week because of "overwhelming participation." Considering I wrote down the date wrong the first time, and now they've changed it this second time, I may well just collapse from the anticipation long before I ever find out how I did. So, for the time being, the 13th is the big day for my little script about the newly arrived.

This change was announced with less than 12 hours to go, and though I certainly had other things to do today, yeah, I will admit I set aside this entire day to see how this would go. Which is kind of ridiculous, if you think about it, think about how other writers do this kind of thing, constantly shooting off work and waiting to hear back about it being accepted or not, while... carrying on with their life. That is the responsible, adult way to do it. I, meanwhile, was considering running out to buy a cheap bottle of wine, and just getting quietly wasted and watching Degrassi in celebration. Or, just getting quietly wasted and watching Degrassi in defeat.

It's a process.

After I found out I had another week to wait, I'll admit... I crashed as the sun was coming up and slept most of the day. We'll call it a "mental health day," and be done with it. Thankfully, it was freezing outside, so that meant I wasn't delinquent in any of my usual duties. I'm considering working out a different plan for next Monday.

And the superstitious side of myself... ah, it's bristling with me even talking about this whole thing so much. Best to be done with it.

My new comic script [re: VHS Generation] is coming along more slowly than I'd like, mostly because I'm having trouble starting the thing. One of the drawbacks of having a full outline is that the actual movement of the characters become problematic. I might make it another late night and take another run at it this evening.

Few other things -- I mentioned Justin and the prints he was selling at Buswater in my previous post, and in a new blog post he's taken some time to talk about the project those spilled over from, and show off his Snake Plissken[get your mind out of the gutter!]. It's a really interesting thing he's become involved in, and he writes about it at length.

Also, friend of the Mojo Wire and oft-linked Zoe Chevat is showing off some of her life-drawing work on her blog today. She's working with some limited tools for these, and just as a warning, they are slightly NSFW.

And while I'm linking artwork, if you haven't yet, go check out Ander's site. With the comic pages currently under wraps, you can go and peep his excellent work, and just imagine what the two of us must have done together.

More soon.

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