Writing for Crying Children [Guest Comic]

I mentioned last week I'd been working on some different style comics, and the first one went up today over at "Pictures of Crying Children," run by friend of the Mojo Wire and occasional guest blogger, CheriAnn "Nixon" Stevens.

"Pictures of Crying Children" is a rad webcomic that CheriAnn writes and illustrates with her fiance Ian, and they're always asking for guest submissions, be it comics or scripts, and it just seemed like a great opportunity to do a little comic work again, which has always been what I enjoyed doing the most. Now, unlike with Justin and Sam, I'm not quite as involved with the process since they run such a tight ship over at PCC, which is fine and a lot more like how the process works on more professional level, so you're basically getting to see the finished work as I do. Which is just... amazing, to say the very least.

I want to thank CheriAnn for the opportunity to be a part of what they're doing over there at PCC, as it was really a lot of fun and a good challenge to try my hand at writing webcomics, and I'm hoping to do a few more before all is said and done. I sent CheriAnn several scripts this time, so expect to see more collaborations/guest strips pop up over time, and I encourage everyone to go and check out the PCC comic and their website [which updates on Mondays and Friday] whether I'm writing for them or not. It's great stuff.

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  1. Aw man, I want to know what happens