The only reason I'm making this post is because I didn't sleep last night.

My dad's widow passed away the other day. Naturally, this has been very hard on the family.

I don't really have a lot to say about it here. Mostly, it's keeping me very busy in a lot nonspecific ways, and that's on top of a handful of other things I've been trying to do. None of them are nearly as important, but the point is there has been absolutely no time for any blogging.

I had a few plans for things to go up this week, including something special that Horror Week gave me a chance to do. Because of the way things are going, everything's been pushed back to next week, where I'm told there will be another PCC comic written by yours truly, and the thing I had planned for this week, and, hopefully, more work on Nova. I'm trying to cut out seven pages before the end of March, so I can submit it to this contest that a friend told me about. I'll probably be doing similar submissions in the future, depending on how this one goes [maybe in spite of how this one goes], so it's pretty important I get started soon.

There likely won't be any updates for the rest of the week, unless Justin puts up new sketches, or something in that vein happens. And even then, it might have to wait until next week. The only reason I'm making this post at all is because I'm not sleeping right now, and I'm too tired to fix the broken chair out on the front porch.

I'm also sorry if I sound a little... clinical. It's just one of those times.

6 comments :: The only reason I'm making this post is because I didn't sleep last night.

  1. I'm very sorry to hear. I've not been in your shoes, and I don't know exactly what can be said to help you feel better. But I'm sorry to hear.

    If it's okay with you, we'd also like to use one of your scripts this Friday as well.

  2. Thank you. I mean that. Just a matter of trying to make sense of everything for other people right now.

    And you know I'd love for you to use another of my scripts on Friday. I think I may have even started writing a few new ones, before all this happened.

    I'll still do up a post promoting the new one too. It'll probably just be sparser in the me talking about it department than the last one was. But I definitely want to get you guys as much attention as possible, and I'm really proud to be a part of what you're doing.

  3. so sorry to hear it- seems like life is a real kick in the ass these days. but you're a tough kid, and i know you'll be okay. if you need to talk about anything at all, i am home all weekend and the snow is coming so feel free to vent.

    hang in there, man. things have a way of getting better, it just doesn't always feel that way. be strong, take care of your grandma, and be well.

  4. I'm also sorry to hear about it man. You've been in my thoughts especially these past few days.

  5. I appreciate all the support and good vibes and such, guys. Means a lot, it does. Just trying to keep the ship afloat, you know?

  6. My most sincere condolences, man. Your grandma's lucky to have a grandson like you.