Trying to get back in the swing of things.

2012 was a lost year. A lost year in the lot of my lost years. I sort of wish we could live life like characters in comic books - get part of the story now, and then when so much has happened, have a mini-series which documents a time that hardly happened to us. Something in life self-contained, and shaping, but not in a way we have to refer to it all the time.

Speaking of comics, I spent yesterday, today, working on a new one. Short script, nothing major. Was hoping for 5-8 pages, landed at 14. Actually thought it was 15, but just miscounted. Some things do not change. The funny part is, that's only like five pages short of a monthly book, maybe not even that these days. I've bought/read a lot more mini-comics lately, thought maybe I'd check to see what a good length was. Really enjoyed the distribution method of "Calamity Cash & The Town with No Name," wouldn't mind doing it again.

Doubtful this is the project to do that with. Kind of mishmash of steam-punk and appropriated Asian culture. Nothing earthshaking, doubt it's all that good. But there's kind of message in it, but I don't think anyone would see it, doubt seriously anyone would ever want to draw it. But we'll see. Right now I kind of just want to get it polished, make sure it hits all the beats. I really want to get in touch with either an artist who has worked from comic scripts a lot, or a writer with a lot of experience when it comes to layouts. It's just something I want to improve on, especially when looking at how full some of the pages were in "Town with No Name" - something I don't blame Justin for.

I don't think I gave him anything he couldn't fit on the page. Dude is a machine.

Hoping to pick all this back up again - the blogging, the regular writing, maybe the exercises. Would like to post more here, naturally, but that means doing more actual work to write about. And prose. I sort of like the idea of doing more prose, I think it'd be cool to go to more Sketchy's, write more there. Though that, like most things, largely depends on the ride. 

Couple things in the wings. One I can't talk about. Very long term. And then I'm hoping to get in touch with some friends, maybe start working some things out. Would like to finish up some short screenplays. Feel like if I could just get one of them filmed, people would really sit up and take notice.