Justin Cornell Relaunches his Website, Pre-Premieres New Sketchbook

My friend and Calamity Cash comic collaborator [now there's some Stan Lee-worthy bullpen alliteration] Justin Cornell has recently relaunched his website, the aptly named justincornell.com, and has also given his oft-linked blog a fresh coat of paint to match. Justin's wanted to do a big redesign since his website was hijacked a few months [a year?] back, and the end result came out especially impressive, I think, reflective of Justin's straight-forward, no-bullshit style and off-beat sense of humor. You can check out some of his samples there, and if you're so inclined [why wouldn't you be?], you can order prints of some his older work too.

Most importantly, Justin has set it up so you can pre-order his official sketchbook, "Sketchbook-HO!" the first release from Vanderhuge Studios. The characters featured are various personalities from history, pop culture, or anything else that piqued the artist's interest, or that he just felt inclined to draw, and his unique takes on similar subject matter has already impressed at the locally-held Buswater on the Boulevard Show in Charleston this past winter. The really cool thing is, for an extra ten dollars, you can get a personalized drawing by Justin in your sketchbook too, pretty much insuring that your book won't be like anyone else's.

Right now, Justin's looking at the store being a limited-time only part of the site, so if you're interested, it's good to take advantage soon, or the opportunity might slip away.

Justin's also interested to hear if there's any bugs, or viewing problems in obscure browsers that he may have missed. If you find anything [or have any questions for Justin], just e-mail him at justincornell@justincornell.com. And as always, keep checking back, as Justin often has "Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name" artwork, sketches, and previews that I don't always showcase here, along with various projects of his own.

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