Yeah, So. [Venting.]

"So. Nothing popular is good."


"So things that are unpopular are good."

"Not necessarily. Some are. Usually, if they're controversial."

"So controversial things are good."

"Yeah, as long as they're not controversial just for the sake of controversy. Anyone can do that."

"So that's bad."

"Right. If anyone can do it, what's the point?"

"So what does that leave?"

"Other than things that are legit controversial? Well, underground things. Things that nobody's heard of. "

"So things that nobody's heard of are good?"


"So, how do we know?"

"Oh, you know. Some people have heard of them."

"So they're just not popular, but they're not unpopular."

"Yeah. But not everything like that is good. You don't want to get too up your own ass about it. People who only like things no one else has heard of... all of those things can't be good."

"So then there are popular things that... aren't that popular?"

"Well. There are underrated things. Things that are known, but don't get the press they deserve. The unsung things. Under the radar kind of shit."

"So underrated things. Underrated things are good."

"Some of them, yeah. But it's also possible they're underrated for a reason. Maybe they're just average."

"So average is bad?"

"Oh, yeah. I mean, good is good, and at least something bad, something really bad, if it's spectacularly bad, can be impressive. But nothing's worse than average. Then it's just mediocre."

"So... wait. Bad things can be good?"

"Yeah. Especially if they're so bad they're funny. Or if something knows it's bad. Ironically bad -- that can be good."

"So irony is good."

"If it's bad."

"So if it's good, it's bad."

"By very definition."

"So how can you even tell when something is good?"

"Well, some people think you just know. Instinctively. Like, you hear it, you see it -- it hits you, and it's instant. You just know. But others think this is fleeting, that this kind of good can wear off, let you down. Which makes it bad."

"So you need some distance."

"Yeah. Some time to live with it, get to know it. You get perspective on the thing, and then you know if it's good."

"So then, the classics. We can know they're good."

"You mean all that old, unrelatable crap? Yeah, right."

3 comments :: Yeah, So. [Venting.]

  1. Oh man.

  2. Oh the life of one trying to exist both below the radar and above it...

  3. It has to be popular to be controversial. If it isn't known by the populace, there is no controversy.

    Therefore, nothing is good.

    Therefore, I'm going to listen to all the Weird Al I freaking want.