Skills that pay the bills.

So, just checking in with the various freelance and non-blog things I've been doing lately.

I got a really nice letter from Terry concerning my work on the dentist's website, and from what I can tell it will be going live as soon as they get a few image-related problems worked out. All the things I offered to do after the job was finish -- another run at the press release, one more look at the final website copy, hasn't been asked of me, and it seems like they won't need me to do that. So as far as that job goes, I'm done, and again, as soon as the website is finished I'll probably post a link just so people can see what I was involved in.

Terry's company offered me a smaller job, a chance to do some copy on a brochure for another local client. It's sort of... science-based stuff, things about bacteria and cultures and what have you, which has always been more than a little over my head, and it all had to be done in a really tight time limit, but I knocked it out this past weekend, even with everything else that was going on. First draft is done anyway, I'll probably be getting notes back in the next day or so.

The review job is going pretty well. I've got about four different reviews in the can, I've been paid for two, and it looks like they're going to give me a raise, which is particularly nice because I didn't ask for it, and didn't even figure it was option when I started. I guess that means they like the work I'm doing, which is encouraging, because with freelance stuff I've always known that even the most responsive bosses/clients you won't hear from very often.

So everything is going pretty well there. Feel very much like a Soldier of Fortune writer, very "have pen, will travel."

On the creative end, I have a few projects I could start on, but nothing screaming at me to get working on, and lately I've just been doing some writing exercises every night, seeing if I can tighten my prose up. Trying to break myself of a few bad habits I've picked up on, the idea being that I want to stop finding certain things when I go to work on second drafts. Also been work-shopping something for a friend, a writer from school I reconnected with recently... really refreshing, surprising stuff, totally different from a lot of the work I see. It's exciting. Like it a lot.

Not sure what's next, playing things very much by ear these days. Still expecting my schedule to free up a little more come August, but we'll just have to see about that. I'm getting to that place though, where I just wish I'd have some half-mad idea for a great comic book or short. "Nova" has been finished for a long time.

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