Been to Boston.

Sort of stupid of me to title my last post "I'm back, baby" and then disappear for over a week.

Just got back from a friend's wedding in Cape Cod, stayed in Boston and saw the a lot of my old Bennington crew [sans Savannah and Ian, who are busy with other things and other things respectively]. Had planned to do a short entry before leaving, just really didn't get to in the mad-dash to get ready. Still, it was a hell of a vacation. Next several weeks are looking to be just as busy, well into August [with a birthday somewhere in there], almost none of it is even remotely creative [actually, there are two art shows I'm going to this weekend, I just mean nothing scheduled is me being creative], and even today I had to polish off a review for my continuing freelance gig. But goddammit, I really need to get back to writing and posting. Someone recently told me they died a little inside every time they came here - and if that's not high enough praise to keep me going, I don't know what is.

Might recap the whole vacation here soon. Right now, I'm playing mad catch-up, and trying to get in everything that has been neglected in my absence, so this is just a short "I'm still here" kind of post. I've missed some crazy things while I've been gone though -- including the end of the web comic "Pictures of Crying Children" - which if you remember, I submitted a few scripts to earlier in the year. It looks like both CheriAnn and Ian are moving on to bigger, more ambitious projects now that they are post their nuptials, but the news still blew me away because CheriAnn had been posting a great deal of redesigns on the comics characters. Sad to see it go [especially since I was able to be involved, which is one of my biggest online opportunities to date], but I understand wanting to do different things, and I'm happy they're not sticking around working on something that they don't really want to do anymore. Walking away from something you're used to is fucking hard, and I respect anyone able to stretch themselves outside their usual boundaries. Plus, it's not entirely gone, as you can sign up for a mailing list here, to keep up with all PCC-related materials, and the other projects the creators are working on.

Meanwhile, my good buddy John of the Bathroom Monologues has his Friday Flash essay in a contest over at Mad Utopia, and I encourage anyone reading this to go vote for him - it's a great piece, and even though I'm not involved in Twitter's #fridayflash community, the possibilities it affords certain writers can't be underplayed. Plus, John's celebration of it is just fantastic. Go. Vote. You only have until Saturday.

Also, Eric M. Esquivel of Modern Mythology Press had a new Bleeding Cool article go up today, and it looks like Hannah Miet's book of poetry is coming along at a respectable pace too, along with getting some of her work in a downloadable e-book. Plus, Zoe [from AnachroLush] has posted up a few things from a personal project she's been working on.

All good stuff. Go check them out.

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  1. Welcome back again. lol

    also, my word verification is Flabio. Like Fabio but flabby. lol

  2. Excellent verification. Some great ones have been popping up.

    Thanks for the welcome back. Plans to review the whole trip, when I get settled here.