Quietly, he mentions his hiatus.

Bit odd for me, to go over a week without posting. I'm not sure. I don't think it's happened since that week I stayed with Kyle, and started using Twitter with any real frequency.

I don't have a great deal in the way of updates on writing or work. "Nova" is still pretty much done, still at 25 pages. Done with rewrites, I just pull it up every now and again to read, check. Make sure everything is polished and perfect. I was going to submit it over the weekend, but I just decided to hold off, use the last couple of days to go over it, talk to some people about it. If you've helped, if you've even offered to help, thank you. So much.

I'm sorry I haven't talked about what all this is for. I am submitting "Nova" someplace, but beyond that I don't feel comfortable saying what or where. I don't know if there are any rules against this, talking too much about the work, or where I'm sending it, so I'm just not going to risk anything. I'll probably talk about it at greater length later, especially if it looks to be panning out. Honestly, and you can call this superstition, or melodrama, I'm starting to feel a little like this space is becoming an idea graveyard -- any project I spend anytime talking about tends to just linger here and die. So look at this as me holding off on the whole big "I'm doing this!" post, and then following it up later with a smaller "Well, that's not happening..." update.

I'm going out in a couple of hours. Some errands in town to run, get some pavement under my feet. Maybe have lunch, or see a movie. As much as I hate to give the daylight hours any credit, it does tend to get the old brain firing, and maybe I'll have some idea what I'm going to work on next. I've talked before about how odd it is to "finish" something. And there's also a lot going on right now that has zip to do with writing, and while everything feels like it should be slowing down, it hasn't yet.

Naturally, updates on in progress stuff will continue [re: Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name]. Definitely keep checking Justin's website, along with his own sketches, he's still putting up comic panels. Pay attention to that bar on the right hand side of the blog, too -- I know things have moved around a little, and I've expanded my tweets from three to five in my Twitter Bar, to showcase some of the articles and blogs that go up by writers or journalists that I know personally [or in rare cases, am just really into]. It's sort of a real-time answer to this idea I had for permanent links -- this at least keeps everything fresh, you know what you're seeing there is current, and Twitter just works better than some of the blog roll programs I've messed with.

Permanent links are still in the cards, too. I just keep getting hung up on little things about them. For now, this is better.

Hopefully won't be another week until my next post. If it looks that way, might do a post just to be posting. Deep down, I think people probably hate those, but they keep me limber. Also have some prose I might break out, though that means some editing and Jesus God I'm a little sick of that.

2 comments :: Quietly, he mentions his hiatus.

  1. I get the sinking feeling people hate the post-just-to-post-posts too, but simultaneously I feel they must get angry without them.

    ...not that I have followers.

    Also I'm with you on the not mentioning what you're doing thing. Every time I make a big pronouncement of my next step in life, I manage to side step it or go in another direction or simply stop movement altogether. I am superstitious of things I have control over. Or should, anyway.

  2. Yeah. It's a bad precedent to set, just because the whole point of this blog is about talking about what I'm working on. So not doing that isn't something I want to take up for everything.

    And sorry I haven't written you back yet. My inbox is bloated and unattended to, but there is really no excuse for it having been this long.