Hometown Boy Makes Good.

I think it's safe to say the above picture has went "viral."

This is Mario's Closet, a t-shirt design for Splitreason designed my friend Glen Brogan. It's apparently blown up huge, popping up on several different gamer/8-bit enthusiast sites, and a lot of Twitter accounts and Tumblrs [including some Bennington people -- I think I realized just how big this had gotten when I saw Nick linking it, and I wasn't the one he'd found it through].

Anyway, the reason for this post is just to pass along how awesome it is to anyone who might not have seen it any where else yet, and to say you can still vote on whether they make it here. I have little doubt with it's popularity that it won't soon be a t-shirt though. It's the least I can do for Glen, who was kind of enough to invite me along to his family's Thanksgiving this year, which was really just a wonderful time, and way better than the cold Chinese food and cable TV I had planned.

Glen's also got a lot of designs already on the site, ready to be ordered for the holidays in t-shirt and print form. So go over and help an artist out, and get something rad for the gamer in your life.

You can see more of Glen's stuff on his own blog, Albino Raven, and the Autumn Society blog as well.

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  1. Thanks Randall! Yours is actually the only post about my shirt that I've personally commented on so far, hah.