The more things change...

What, is something different?

The new layout is a slightly modified template by Brian Veloso, with the code posted by Quite Random, both of who's links now join the bottom of this page. Credit where credit is due, after all. The "slightly modified" was my doing, and the image was provided by user wildhood114's Flickr account. If by chance Mr. Hood swings by here and doesn't want me to use his images, he can e-mail me at, and I'll be happy to oblige him. I hope not though.

I've been going back and forth on whether or not to make this change for a while now, but for various reasons kept putting it off. I really like the Blogspot interface, but the provided templates are simple, generic, and boring, especially in comparison to how smart and crisp my friend Heke's Wordpress blog looks. I didn't want to switch, especially after having this one for a year, so avoiding the default designs and making my own was another option I had. But while I'm knowledgeable enough to tweak html coding in a pinch, I'm really not good enough to do things like my friends Justin or Zoe did to spice up their sites. I knew there were places to find templates online, but a lot of those tended to either look like strict business blogs or glittery myspace pages, neither of which I wanted for this.

I also wasn't sure if it was something I should be worried about. I'm a writer, and I don't have the skills or the design savvy to make something like Glen has, which is so obviously indicative of his work, art, and personality [maybe if Sam and I were still working together, of if Justin and I had worked more together]. Plus, just the nature of what I do, the writing, doesn't lend itself to be too visual. And since I am a writer, why should I care if the page is generic looking or not? It should be about the words, right? John's page rocks the same white Blogspot template that a lot of blogs have, but the nature and the content of his Bathroom Monologues makes the page stand out. Still, mine has yet to solely be about writing, and also has a lot to do with where my head's at and even about blogging itself, so I think this might be a reflection of me feeling a little vain. Maybe wanting to shake things up a bit.

Besides, as much as I like black, I always thought I was a little more gray [re: Mrs. Jones].

So here it is. I'd very much like to know what people think about the change [all four of you], whether it's an improvement or not, if there's anything I didn't think of or might have missed, etc. I haven't even made up my mind about it yet, so don't worry about hurting my feelings.

Oh, and the one thing I'm having trouble with is integrating the "Following" box. I'm working on it, but it tends to break margins or make things disappear when I add it, so in the meantime it won't be there. I really appreciate those who do publicly follow the blog though, and I like that being there. since it means they have links to their profile on the page. If I can't figure out something that looks nice, I'll just put in another link bar... but until then, apologies, all around.

3 comments :: The more things change...

  1. I like it! Takes a little getting used to but, overall, a good spruce-up that gives a more professional cast to your page without making it too corporate. Good job!

  2. shnazzyyy! i like the new look and classy, mysterious header :D
    mine is totally just a plain theme from wordpress except the header but thanks for the props :D

  3. Z- Thanks, that was what I was shooting for, and it was actually a lot harder to hit that middle ground than I expected it to be. I figured there'd be more in that style, since [in my mind, at least], I always saw having a blog as something personal without being full-disclosure. Semi-casual. Like a dress coat, with jeans.

    I was wrong.

    Heke- Yeah! But even the plain theme with the picture looks so much classier than what I had. Yours looks like something someone might actually want to read.

    And not so mysterious of a header. Just something to ask me about sometime.