More Cash Sketches, Page 23.

Justin has three new sketches up for the comic [re: Calamity Cash and The Town with No Name]. Definitely go check them out, its all from the same page as the last sketches, but these are a lot more polished, and probably a good indicator that he'll be working on page 24 soon, which I'm keenly interested in seeing if only for the fact that it's sort of the different and experimental page of the book, in the sense that I didn't really script it to have panels or anything. This will be Justin 100% on his own, and I'm curious what he puts together from my script.

A page without panels is traditionally just a splash, or one big piece of art that takes up the entire page. These were notoriously popular in the 90's thanks to the Image Comics revolution, and because a ton of artists found out they could make a lot of extra money to go along with their commission works if they had a piece which could also be a poster, a print, or a trading card [often all three]. Which is a real shame, because they can actually be kind of cool, and very powerful when used correctly, and probably don't deserve to be the joke they sort of are.

I try to use one in every comic I write, almost as a point of dramatic demarcation, and since "Town with No Name" is almost 3 comics long, a couple managed to make it in, naturally. This is the most important one, though, and hopefully between my vagueness and Justin's imagination, something cool will come out of it.

Though "Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name" is far from finished, Justin's renewed efforts now that he's settling into his new home makes me feel a little like the finish line is in sight again. I'd be remiss not to mention that "Town with No Name" has been around since the start of this blog [and a little before], and is one of the reasons I decided to start it in the first place. I'd never worked with an artist I wasn't living right next door to, and I was worried about coordinating our efforts on the comic when seeing each other might have been a bit erratic.

And not just between the two of us. What's not often mentioned anymore [probably just because I'm not actively writing the comic], is that the characters of Tana Cash and her daughter Calamity were actually created by my friend Laura Phalen. She was gracious enough to let me and Justin do something with them, and though I don't talk to Laura as much as I used to, she's always had this space to refer to whenever she gets curious as to the where the project is.

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