Twitter joins us, and not much else...

As you can see on the right, visitors to the blog can now view my last three Twitter updates. There's also an option to see my page and follow me there, which I honestly expect to lead to more spam than good. But we'll see, and at least now if I get stranded sans internet, and do something worth talking about, it can be viewed/accessed from here. I ended up going with just a standard JAVA/html code sort of thing with it, as all the Twitter widgets I found seemed a little obnoxious for this relatively minimal blog.

I moved a couple of things around as well. You'll notice "Trendsetter Links" is gone, replaced with a far more generic "Links" header that includes not just the previous sites but a direct link to my Facebook page [An addition that I hope will make it a bit easier for anyone looking for me to actually find me. If anyone is looking for me, that is]. And while it may look like the move is symbolic of me pushing "Trendsetter" aside, well... it is. We're doing "Nova" right now, and there's just not a wealth of new information as it concerns TS. When "Trendsetter" eventually reclaims our focus as project number one, I expect it'll also reclaim it's place at the top of the blog. Until then, all links are still there and working, and available at any time, they're just further down this page.

I have, naturally, been kicking around the idea of starting a "Nova" blog, but Kyle hasn't really mentioned it, and for my purposes I can't see the sense in running one on my own, and just regurgitating the information I post here. Still, that doesn't mean there won't be one as we get closer to shooting time, and naturally I'll keep everyone informed, and probably pimp it out mightily if and when it eventually appears.

And if anyone has any feedback, thinks something might need moved around, might look better here or there, just let me know. I'm always open to suggestions.

This has been a bad week for the blog, not because I couldn't post, but because I really didn't have anything that felt like a real update. I have been working on the final draft of "Nova" since a little before my previous post on Monday, and not making a lot of headway despite putting in quite a lot of time on it. I'm not even entirely sure why I'm not making much progress, but if I had to guess it's because I'm a little terrified of making too many sweeping changes. I like where it is. I just want to make it a little more natural, because there were a couple rough edges at the read.

The read. I said I was going to talk about that more. Well. Not today. But likely very soon, maybe when I've got a last draft I'm pleased with, and I can talk about why I did what I did.

I also worry the reason for my slacking this week was because of the "week off." Which is ridiculous, Kyle and I worked our asses off on "Nova" last week, but since I wasn't able to post, I'm a little worried I've fallen out of the habit. Expect some bullshitty entries in the next week or so, as I force myself back into the routine.

I wish I had some more to say about "Nova." Kyle's been incommunicado this week, despite the notes I've sent along, though I'll admit there's really been nothing pressing with me that's needed his attention. Right now, the worst that seems to come up is scheduling conflicts, and I've yet to get to that place where having too much to do is a problem [as long as said "too much" stays in this creative vein]. Which is my way of saying I've also been discussing some future projects with people as well, and though I can't really talk about it, between "Nova" and a few other things, 2010 could be a very big year for me.

I can talk about working on "The Familiar" a little. My strange vampire script is long overdue for a re-write, and thanks to my current place of residence I've been able to walk around a lot of the settings I put in the movie, and really get into the right head space for the work. The actual writing and re-writing I've done on it has been pretty minimal, but my mind really gets to racing when I'm actually standing in spot where a big scene takes place -- and the re-writes that seemed so daunting a year ago suddenly aren't that dreadful anymore. The only regrettable part is my big finish is set in a cemetery that doesn't actually exist, which does me no favors since my god does that ending really need work.

I'm sure I'll talk about it more, as I'm actually writing it. Tonight, it's more "Nova" work, with hopes for a breakthrough so I don't get discouraged about my lack of progress [too late]. Generally, I like this sort of fine-tuning, but there's just something that's not quite working out loud as it works on the page, and that's driving me crazy. Especially since I don't have people to just read it to me over and over.

Not that anyone would ever say I was getting tired of the sound of my own voice, either.

More soon. Cheers.

2 comments :: Twitter joins us, and not much else...

  1. That your three latest tweets are above the explanation of who you are and what this blog is strikes me as a little odd.

  2. I think it's a good point. I'm trying to figure out a way to reconcile the explanation of who I am with the immediacy of the Twitter posts.