Almost there...

In case you don't follow Justin's blog [and why don't you? Seriously. Go. Now. Well, after you read this], he posted this photo yesterday - consider it your not-quite-a-preview preview of what's to come:
What you see is our modest print run of "Calamity Cash & the Town with No Name: Pt. II" - which we'll be selling soon. In a lot ways, this has been both mine and Justin's first rodeo when it comes to self-publishing, even the book I previously put out with Sam in college was done through a printer that pretty much did only comics, and between working through ill-posted printing specs, and to make the book look good as possible, we tweaked the sizes from your traditional comic to something a little more... Golden Age, pulp-size.

It was one of those things that was never planned, but worked out stunningly. The book looks great, and now all we're waiting on is a shipment of bags and backboards so we'll be able to send out the orders we get, and just generally keep the books as pristine as possible.

This really is almost the end of the road. Our budget [graciously provided by our co-creator Laura] is pretty much exhausted, bulk of it going to the run itself, but also reupping some of Justin's art supplies exhausted over the past four years of work on this, and to cover some of the other little things, adjustments and such that have come up. Because of this, we'll be including a modest shipping fee for anyone interested in purchasing a book, and as I've said before, I'll also be offering alternatives for people who want a copy, but don't have the cash.

We're all starving artists here.

A couple of things I've been up to lately - I got a chance to talk a little about the comic with fellow Bennington alum and super-journalist Sarah Crow on her Spreecast show a few weeks back, when I joined her for some discussion on TomKat's divorce, Scientology, celebrity relationships, Gwyneth Paltrow's public persona, and gay rappers. My bit about "Calamity Cash" is near the end, but the whole thing was just loads of fun, and I love joining Sarah for them. A more recent one had me as a last-minute contributer as well, where I mostly found out I was the only Kristen Stewart fan left [did no one see The Runaways?]. They're archived, so why you can't shoot me questions, it's a nice way to see my water-sipping, sorta-funny ass join a far more charismatic host to talk about entertainment news. And thanks to Sarah, for letting me play.

Going to have start blogging more, get back into the swing of writing.