First week ... well, I wouldn't call it working.

I should have made this post yesterday or the day before.

This past week was something of a milestone, so I feel like I should cover it. Turned in my first review, quite a bit ahead of time, which was good because I was a little too rigid with the style sheet and had to pull a do-over. This wasn't me being intentionally cautious, even though deep down I knew there are always snags with the first thing you do of anything -- honestly, I just thought I'd shoot in way before the deadline and look like hot shit dude who works twice as fast as the deadline demands it. I should probably thank my... ego? Hard to say.

Shocking, that I don't work well within tight parameters. I guess rules sort of bother me, not that I'd ever identify as an anarchist [what am I? In high school?], there's just something about saying this has to be like this, and you have absolutely no say in it that makes cursing and do exactly the opposite of whatever I'm told. And I know this about myself, so naturally, when I do decide to follow the rules, I'm sort of garbage at it -- and I'm not wild about that, that "I either do this entirely my way, or entirely yours" way of approaching things I have [a therapist could probably have a field day with that statement], so this was probably good. I know better what I have to do, not just how fast the manual says the car can go, but how fast it actually can go.

My big "work day" on Friday went a little pear-shaped, though not for me. Quick overview -- I'm basically acting as a copy editor on a website for a local dentist with my old boss, Terry Lively. We had a "field day" scheduled, probably the only one for this particular project, where I got to meet the people the website was being made for, interview them. It was going to be kind of long thing, the schedule had Terry picking me up at 7:30, and us at the dentists, for the next three or four hours, my part taking up maybe a fraction of that, but necessary because it would have to be done around them taking pictures of the staff, the office, etc. On the way to the office, however, we were greeted with some poor bastard's car smashed into a power pole -- which was terrible for Terry and the rest of the crew, but sort of perfect for me.

I got my interview and all the information I needed [which wasn't much. Not that you could tell from this place, but my philosophy when it comes to website copy is that, usually, a little goes a long way], and we were out of there in about an hour. The rest of the day I set back at home, and watched my inbox fill up with various information about the project, all of which will go into my final work on the project. From a selfish perspective, it couldn't have went better for me, except maybe for the fact that I had to get up so early [which... I wouldn't call a problem. My sleep schedule has been royally fucked these days -- an hour here, an hour there, and it's starting to a look a lot like the weird schedule I was keeping last summer, making me wonder, among other things, if my insomnia is seasonal]. Of course, even as what could be called an independent contractor, I'm not an idiot, and know it's never a good thing when other people working on the same project as you get jammed up. Everything looks to be fine though. All my deadlines are the same, and everything else looks rescheduled for June, and unless there's some glaring hole in the information I have, I probably won't be attending that.

But anything could happen.

Haven't done much in the way of creative work. The not sleeping has been giving me headaches, and this is actually the first night where my left eye hasn't been throbbing, and I think that's because I took this morning to snooze. The heat made that an awful choice, but I suppose it worked out, because I'm pretty lucid and pain-free tonight. Would have taken advantage, but Dad's insurance information came in today, and wading through paperwork has never fired the creative side of my brain. Lucky for us, Ian did something rather cool over at his blog "A Wave of the Hand." It's called "Corporate Takeover" and is actually one of the best pieces of work I've seen in awhile, and I encourage everyone to go and check it out.

All for now. More soon.

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  1. i'd like to see the website when it's done.

  2. Sure. I'll more than likely post it. If everything stays on schedule, it should be up in a couple of months.