On the backs of giants.

I don't have much to post today. I haven't talked to anyone, or done anything, and none of my eBay stuff sold, which puts my Christmas very high in doubt, which just makes me feel... shitty. But instead of my usual lamenting here, I thought I'd just toss up some links of my friends, who have far happier/funnier things going on.

First up is what I'm calling "The Triumph of Justin" -- as last night, apparently, Justin built a flash player without using flash. He explains it better than I ever could, but the journal entry is just... keenly interesting. Real conflict/protagonist/antagonist kind of stuff going on. Check it out.

Then, Sam has put up a neat little bit of animation about her beau and their kitty... gotta get this girl back doing comics again, so I can be involved in something this awesome.

One of my favorite shirt designs by Glen has finally went up for sale, and if not for the money woes, I'd have one on it's way to the house now. Glen celebrates and provides a link to get it here. I seriously love the picture more every time I see it.

And finally [last but not least!], a couple of Bathroom Monologues deserve sharing. Here and here. Which is not to say all of John's stuff doesn't usually deserve sharing, but I can't stump for him every time he does something awesome, or I'd be stumping all the time.

On some other news -- last night I started my "joshi puroresu" [Re: Japanese Women's Wrestling] trek, or really started it, as most of what I'd partaken in was just Youtube matches I'd gotten over at http://joshipuro.blogspot.com/. So, last night, I watched a battle royal from NEO which was [sorry] god-awful, and two single matches from Sendai's Jaja Uma Tournament -- DASH Chisako v. Kana and Tyrannasaurus Okuda v. Hanako Kobayashi -- which were excellent. So now I've gotten a start, and am hoping to finish out the year in Joshi well before January. And then, I'll be all caught up.

Also, I've got a new resolution of something to start reading/trying out. Andrew is one of my fellow Bennington alums who's got a little blogspot blog he calls "The Solo Project" and it's my intention now to make some time, grab my headphones, and catch up on all the music he's put up over there. Since finding the blog over Facebook, I've been meaning to give it a listen, I just...suck at this.

And I plan on hunting down/trying out some of the other stuff my fellow art school alums are doing too, as I think I'm just now getting comfortable with old friends' success when considering my own lack of success. Which is a whole other post, when I finally get comfortable talking about it.

And that's probably going to mean getting on Myspace.


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